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"Death in a Heavy Way"


ACROMONIA - Human Downfall (EP)

Isn’t it wonderfull when five young men carry a common music vision? Absolutely. Acromonia is a new band from Germany and its style is melodic death metal. Here we have their EP which is their first attempt as a band called “Human Downfall”.
Five songs are always enough for an appetite as an EP can be characterized. First of all it’s difficult to say what their affects may be and that because they have a pure style combining the death style with some heavy and melodic elements. On the other side hearing the songs you can say that something reminds you of something known. The death speed of “Pariah’s Death” reminds me of the fast songs from “Orchid” of Opeth. Also Daniel Leoprecht, the singer, sometimes sings deep and some other times sings with harshy vocals. For me this is good because it keeps your interest on the songs.
Through the solos you will realize that the band decided to follow the melodic rhythm of the German scene. They do on the way that Kreator did it through their melodic moments, but don’t blame them for that. This is happening in “Don’t Fear the Dead” which is my favorite. Keep in mind that this is the beginning, yet I like it. Of course, I cannot leave out the production of Vaggelis Maranis. Actually we are used to hearing his work on heavy/power/thrash albums, but his work on a death metal album is awesome too. Especially the sound on drums which is being perfect and by the playing of Christian Monninger.
I will keep my eyes open to see what they can do in the future. But I’m certain that they can do much more than this EP. Go on!


  1. Paranoia
  2. Pariah's Death
  3. The Paralyzing Feeling
  4. Don't Fear the Dead
  5. Human Downfall

Release Date:  2013

Label:  Self-Released


Points:  8 / 10
Review by Dr. Feelgood