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“The Grace of Painting”


AENAON - Extance

As months go by, I realize more and more the real meaning of the art of progressive. It’s not just when you belong to a music spin – off, but much more it’s when you exceed yourself. When you follow your deepest music vision even if some people will never pay attention to this. Robert Fripp was one from the very first who did that with King Crimson and after some decades this thing goes on and especially by extreme metal bands like Thessalians Aenaon (Greece). Do you want to see them as a simple black metal band? Well, they are not and “Extance” denotes that black metal can greatly be married with prog/art/jazz/avant – garde elements.

Actually, Aenaon are not the first who did marry the extreme metal sound with the above elements, but it doesn’t matter as we are not looking for those who will have the precedence. We want to be pleased by the final result. An hour of songs that are full of charged moments and appeal the human brain is more than enough. Tones of riffs, which making black metal be heard as the simplest genre in the world and a drumming that can smash everything. The prime of the songs is when other colors beyond the well – known are settled in the canvas. The saxophone in “Deathtrip Chronicle” with a Floyd aura around or the hallucinogenic keys (Harris from Hail Spirit Noir; families are never alone) in “Grau Diva” and “Land of No Water”, set a peace in the perdition of the songs.

Both saxophone and keyboards are being played by special guests, who with some others like Mirai Kawashima from Sigh, Sindre Nedland from In Vain (his participation is in “Der Mude Tod”, a song in which all of the musicians play with their personal limits while it is proved to be one of the most challenging songs) and Tania from Universe 217 (in the jazzy and contagious “Funeral Blues”) are not behaving like common guests, but more like members of a family whose appearance was supposed to be a “Must” for the final corollary of the songs.




  1. The First Art
  2. Deathtrip Chronicle
  3. Grau Diva
  4. A Treatise on the Madness of God
  5. Der Mude Tod
  6. Pornocrates
  7. Closer to Scaffold
  8. Land of No Water
  9. Algernon's Decadence
  10. Funeral Blues
  11. Palindrome

Release Date:  20 January 2014

Label:  Code 666

Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



“Extance” to me is an album in the range of albums like “Ghost of Perdition” (the light Opeth references can be shown and in the relaxing “Pornocrates”), “Imaginary Sonicscape” (the participation of Mirai wasn’t lucky), “Elements” and “Lizard”. In an album where the Norwegian or Swedish black riffing – blasting is combined with elements being played mainly in small artistic bars, you can find things that in every listening are going to be heard like new. Think that the guitars of “Palindrome” still keep playing in my mind when it ends. A masterpiece!



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