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“Enigmatic? No, Only Crystal – Clear”


AEON ZEN - Enigma

Personality at its best. I have mentioned many times that the affects are always good, as they can show to the listeners the music direction, but when a band tries to do things under its personal sign then everything is getting better. Aeon Zen are themselves in “Enigma”.

Rest in keys. What I enjoy most in the album is that Shaz prefers using a piano sound and not a common playing on keyboards. By far “Seven Hills” is one of my favorites and one of the best harmonic and gentle songs that have ever been written. Also check that dark intro in “Still Human” or the piano of the prog period from Savatage in “Eternal Snow”.

Opeth. The main man of the Swedish band really loves the fathers of progressive from England. Here that English band does the opposite one and uses both melodic and powerful clues from Opeth in “Divinity”. You can also hear the growls just like a tribute to the old days when Mikael used to sing on that way. Majestic song.

Guests. Here is happening something that I have never heard of before. Three guests Nate Loosemore, Atle Pattersen and Jonny Tatum are participating in the album just like they are permanent members. Together with Andi Kravlijaca and Rich Hinks change and share roles in the bridges, verses and choruses of all the songs. Whether you like it or not we have to admit that it’s something unconventional.

Rush forever. Almost all the musicians who have heard of those Canadians say that they have used them in their music. In the catchiest and commercial song as well “Warning” Rush leave their mark in the atmospheric prelude and in the first riff before the main rhythm section. I’m sure that this song will make you press the button “play” again again.

England, the land of progressive. Aeon Zen come from England and instead of making themselves be heard like another progressive metal band, they take the prog of Genesis and Yes and bring it to their status. From acoustic parts to choral ones in “Turned to Ash” and “Eternal Snow”.

Solos? Have you heard the phrase “less is more”? Well the band follows that and allows the songs be evolved on their own and if they see that guitar solos have no place, then they leave it as it be. No exaggerations, two or three are enough.



  1. Enter the Enigma
  2. Artificial Soul
  3. Divinity
  4. Seven Hills
  5. Warning
  6. Turned to Ash
  7. Still Human
  8. Eternal Snow
  9. Downfall

Released Date:  22 January 2013

Label:  Nightmare Records


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood


Similarity to other concerning new bands? I would say Gojira and this because both bands use progressive as their main weapon and not as their target.

Ideas that have to do with supernatural things. Things that sometimes the human mind can reach and other times not.

V for victory as we have to do with a very interesting album and that kind of albums are used to staying on the underground. This is not bad, on the contrary it’s an album for few people. But if a new guy wants to taste it, the road is free.

End of the text. My congrats to the band.


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