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AIR RAID - Danger Ahead (EP)



1. When the Sky Turns Red
2. Annihilation
3. The Metal Cult
4. Midnight Burner
5. Free at Last
Bonus Tracks, 2011 demo recordings:
6. Traitors’ Gate
7. Fight Street

Released: 2012 – self released


Attention my dear friends of the beloved Heavy Metal ! Air Raid, from the beautiful swedish town Göteborg, are firing five old school heavy metal bullets with their first EP called „Danger Ahead“ (release: 09.07.2012).
The five piece, founded back in 2009, is combining classic US Metal with elements of the NWOBHM, where they lightly implement their american genes.
Air Raid warning sirens open the first strike of the newcomers and all soft metal fans should flee into their mainstream bunkers. Cause with „When the sky turns red“ the first bomb explodes. In the chorus „be quick or be dead, there is danger ahead…“it becomes clear to me that the boys mother’s milk has to be really filled with iron.
The next musically detonation is called „Annihilation“. Sawing guitars and vocalist Michalis Rinakakis, with his lunatic width of voice volume, let cheer up the „Painkiller“.

Time to breathe and time for a ballad ? – Nowhere. „The Metal Cult“ is blowing the metal wind around your ears. A hommage for the classic style of this music genre and it could be a highlight live on stage. „Midnight Burner“ assigns in your brain with the first listening. The high quality refreain, good to sing with, is dominating the rest of this track.

In „Free at last“ the twin-guitars of Andreas Johansson and Johan Karlsson are perfectly according together….Maiden heart, what else do you want ?

OK….also two bonus tracks added for this EP ! „Traitor’s Gate“ and „Fight Street“ of 2011 already shining splendid and round up this first output of the scandinavians real rude and unconsumed.

So…bearers of the cowls….if you have some space left on your vests, than please fill it with an Air Raid patch.
-short commercial break: This patch is avilable through the band’s website – best ordering with the Air Raid kit (patch, t-shirt and EP) !

The compatriots of Bullet & co were getting a first little accolade. They are allowed to show their best on the Keep It True festival 2013 in germany’s Lauda-Königshofen….and I will stand in the first row !!


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Metalvurry



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