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1. Summerside
2. Freakk Phunk
3. Creepy Cheese
4. Aus Böhmen kommt die Musik
5. No Need to Practice
6. Perturbado
7. The Machinist
8. Potpourrix
9. Irish Tune
10. Temporaris

Release Date: 2012 – self released


Alexander Schädler – shame on me, I never heard before of this guy. Schädler is a guitarist from south germany and is playing this instrument since the early 80′s. He was studying on a school for music and art (jazz and popular music) and works as a guitar teacher, also as live and studio guitarist.
Alongside he played with the bands Shifty Sheriffs and Love Like Blood before he decided to publish his own produced first solo album called „Temporis“. This album combines different styles of guitar play and without limits concerning the world of different kinds of music. It’s all instrumental with seven self composed songs and three cover interpretations.

„Summerside“ – happy feelings, ice cream in your hands. The guitar is shining in the sun and substitutes the vocals, like we know it from Joe Satriani. Some Eddie Van Halen and Vai vibes included. Let’s go swimming and swinging in the six string bath !

In funky style and with disharmonic sounds follows „Freakk Phunk“. Not easy to listen with it’s deep progressive elements. Schädler’s jazz lessons formed this track.

A scream of a cock opens „Creepy Cheese“. Country/Western guitars walk across the farm. Bluegrass art where the chickens are crossing the way. A fast country guitar fun song.

„Aus Böhmen kommt die Musik“ – yes…a guitar interpretation of the old german folk song (was it originally by Peter Alexander?). It sent me a big smile on my face. I think this would work good an a hard rock tent at Munich’s Oktoberfest. Speeds up in the middle and slows down then.

A hectic whirlwind of scales, interrupted by a piano based elegian part brings „No need to practice“.

„Perturbado“ follows with a light oriental touch and spanish guitars. Dreamful, moody vibes invites your to a campfire at the beach with your tequila in your hand. Some pianos complete it.

Schädler’s home is also the heavy metal genre. He proves that with „The Mechanist“. Metal riffs, stakkato riffing…the machines are running. Underlined by some clockwork sounds in the end.

„Potpourrix“ – like the title says, a potpourri of well known classical stuff and folk songs. Ask your parents, cause they will know the titles of the outtakes of this medley.

The title explains the next one – „Irish Tunes“. Traditional irish sounds based on guitar.

With the last track „Temporaris“ Schädler offers again his metal background. Powerful guitar work. An instrumental metal song in the end.

Alexander Schädler shows us with this album, that he owns a high knowledge in playing all the several kinds of guitar music that can be played. The album could be also a kind of a job application for playing in a band of higher ranks. Cause, lots of bands could be proud to have Schädler as guitar player. His extraordinary talent promotes him to the first class of guitar players around the music world. „Temporaris“ can be used as a guitar lesson or just be enjoyed listen to it. This album brings fun !!


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