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ENBOUND - And She Says Gold



14. BEAT IT [European CD bonus track]


„And She Says Gold“ is the debut album of swedisch melodic metal rockers Enbound. And golden is the first impression if you take a look on the album artwork from Thomas Ewerhard who also worked with acts like Avantasia or Masterplan. Enbound was formed back in 2006 by Mike Cameron Force who worked with Zonata before. So the conditions seems to be not bad for a great album, but let the music do the talking.

Midtempo reigns at the opener „Combined the souls“. Nice riff to start it. The vocals of Lee Hunter remember a bit to the big actors in this genre like Stratovarius or Masterplan. In the refrain the band works with twin vocals and the song is pushed by excellent drum work. Good melodic song that takes its credits from the amazing refrain.

„Descending“ starts with a duet of Lee and Piano together with a hard riff. What follows is a lot of tempo changes. From faster harmony leads to slower keyboard supported parts. This song offers what brilliant musicians Enbound are. I again has to mark the excellent drum work but also the good guitar arrangements (with short melodic solo) makes „Descending“ a real melodic smasher.

With „Noiseless bullet“ there is an older track that I knew before from the bands demo arranged new. Piano Intro leads to a piano/guitar duet. The song lives from faster parts alway in alliance with background piano. Interrupted in the middle by a silent guitar part. Great refrain choirs support the high vocal lines. The band tries to change tempo in a way to include slowing breaks and this works good. We can say that this is some kind of a trademark in the sound of Enbound.

„Squeals of War“ as the name promises is a harder track on this album. Frickeling guitar parts, half triggered drums and a pumping bass provides that Enbound are also able to write harder metal parts.
Harmonies are not missing and some dreamful background keys included sign the bands melodic ground base.

Special in the next song „Frozen to be“ is a duet with LaGaylia Frazier who is known from swedish television and European Song Contests. So as I thought that she has not a real metal or hardrock background this is a ballad. Acoustic guitars and the angel like voice of LaGaylia means the elements of this song. Seems a little bit cheesy til the band plugs in electricity and a guitar solo appears. Not bad, but a suitable song that is standard of melodic bands, but in my eyes not real necessary. Anyway….the vocals are sweet but I heard that in other bands more worse before.

„Under a spell“ starts with some Kansas-like twin vocals and becomes a melodic metal uptempo song that bands like Sonata Arctica prefer to play too. Interesting guitar hooklines forward the track interrupted with balladesque vocals in between. Some cool background shouts, a classic guitar solo and ear catching refrain round it up.

The next song is called „Untitled X“. First I thought this is a mistake, but no…this is the titles name.
Slower song that changes to midtempo when it is heading to the refrain. The essence of the song is based on deeper laid guitar parts that stands against the melodic harmony vocals. Cool sound samples bring a fresh note into the song and with that the tempo changes a lot. Very interesting song.

With more speed comes „I am lost to you“. Only the little cheesy refrain breaks it. Piano and keys can be found in the back and so they are not disturbing the peace. Musically good song, but in the vocal work we heard it better before. Ladies would love this song, for sure. Good arrangements makes it not a filler.

„Shifting Gears“ brings the band back in harder fields. Fast riffing and very high vocals again remembers to Stratovarius. Only slowing down in the refrain choirs. Brilliant guitar solo in the middle and some more aggressive backing vocals let this song appear as another metallic smasher.
Short but coming direct to the point. Well done.

Some Royal Hunt keys open „Love has come“. This is a pure hard rock song in the line of Pretty Maids or similar. With a lot of tempo breaks Enbound try to create excitement and a scream at last ends it.

Next ballad ? Piano, violins and whispered vocals start „The Broken Heart“. As the title says this song has a tragic touch caused by the violins. So this is not a ballad for the ladies to dream…more a song if you knee before a grave and pray. Only a short acoustic guitar appears in the end.

„Running free“ starts with silent elements too, but changes into midtempo soon. The vocal performance is more deeper here. I am remembered here to Royal Hunt again. Cause of the song structures and the refrain choirs. The guitar plays hard, as in rhythm so in solo. Good to sing with and so I think this could be a hit live on stage. Suddenly this all stops and some angel like background choirs appear and let the song fade out quiet in the last minute.

Piano again in „Me and Desire“. But hard riffs to follow. Wonderful vocal lines, again some background growls. Pumping song that stops in the middle for another piano/vocals part including some bells. This song is a real hymn. Melodic metal on highest level and a demonstration in how brilliant songwriters Enbound are. The song stops suddenly without warning. Great song.

As bonus on the european cd the band covers Michael Jacksons „Beat It“. No wonder that it is performed harder than the original. The song does not really fit to the rest of the album. As bonustrack it is ok, but you have to see it seperate to „As she says Gold“.

Enbound play in highest melodic metal spheres. For that I hope the band will be recognized by the music scene a lot. On the other side we have a lot of melodic metal bands in this times. Much of them not as brilliant as they are. But the danger that they will be only a part in this band overflow can happen. I for myself do not hope so, cause Enbound offer a lot of talent in songwriting and arrangements. The musicians are really high class and the vocals are perfect for this music genre.

We will see where the way will lead Enbound in the future. With more support in the back this band could be a next big thing. Best wishes for that !!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerb


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