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RAZÖRWYRE - Another Dimension


Tracklist :

01. The Conjuror (Shaman's Wrath)
02. Knights Of Fire
03. Fight Or Be Fucked
04. Nightblade
05. Another Dimension of Hell
06. The Infinite
07. Desert Inferno
08. The Fort
09. Speedwarrior
10. Windcaller
11. Hangman’s Noose

Release Date: 15.09.2012 – Infernö Records


Speed Metal from New Zealand ? Never heard about that ? Me too….But here comes Razörwyre, a fresh band from overseas that plays that 80′s orientated style. For me as an old Raven fan a good thing and with „Another Dimension“ there is the band’s full length debut coming it’s way….

And so with full speed starts the „The Conjuror (Shaman's Wrath)“. As swift as an arrow…fast leads. Vocalist Zane performs in high pitch of the voice very often. Really old school stuff. His clean sound makes it not too aggressive, more in the line of 80′ US Metal bands like Omen but played faster. In some moments it remembers me to the harder Running Wild songs of the past. Nostalgia, I can hear you !!

„Knights of Fire“ continues in the same way. In the chorus the band mostly works with twin vocals.
The guitarists Chris and James know how to treat the axe….high speed shredding, heavy riffing, power metal inputs. All ingredients to break into the phalanx of active or retired speed metal heroes are present.

Slower, with a stamping heavy metal riff, starts „Fight or be Fucked“ (nice the way!). This song is minimum half speed as before. A metal hymn as can be heard in the refrain. In the guitar solo it remembers me again a bit to old Running Wild. With 6 minutes a real long song and so we find a break in the middle with a kind of elegian guitar part. Vocals, music….this sounds like the follow up of the legendary Fifth Angel. And yes…now I got it…Zane’s vocals are near to Ted Pilot, vocalist of the US legends. Brilliant old school song in midtempo !!

A beginning in Iron Maiden style….“Nightblade“. Twin guitar attacks, Dickinson meets Ted Pilot vocals. This song is definetely influenced by britains finest. Eddie would cry of joy for sure.
This song offers best the musical qualities Razörwyre owns. Bass, drums, guitars….all is building a perfect tower of sound and power combined with harmonies makes it a pleasure to listen.

The title track next…“Another Dimension of Hell“ opens with a Saxon riff. Very melodic…I have to say that band left the speed metal way a little bit in the last three songs and their music happens now more in traditional US metal paths. Some maiden moments we find again here, too. Oh my god…what a fun to listen to…for me as a lover of traditional sounds. Perfect !!

An intro called „The Infinte“ the Iron Maiden couldn’t have better played leads to another speed track. „Desert Inferno“ brings us now back in the speed metal track. Full power…direct hit. Nick’s drum play is more in front this time and offers his knowledge with this. Amazing high shouts round up an upper class speed metal grenade.

And it goes on and on….“The Fort“ points with…yes…Raven like guitars and a mix of midtempo and speed.

„Speedwarrior“ is…as the title promises…fast as hell. Some breaks slows it down a little… only to fight back from behind. A speed song again with hymn character.

Does anyone still knows Heir Apparent ? If yes…“Windcaller“ could have been also been part of their album Graceful Inheritance. Great songwriting…like in all songs….melodic and powerful. Amazing guitar arrangements and the heartful shouts of Zane are the best I heard in the last years in that kind of metal.

„Hangman’s Noose“ rounds up the album with lots of harmonies and a sound that let you get on your knees. 80′s metal at it’s best !! Not less…feel the inspiration, feel the fire.

Well…I am a litle speechless of what I have heard in the last hour. I never thought that there will be a band again that transports the sound of the 80′s legends like Fifth Angel, Heir Apparent, Omen or even old Iron Maiden into the here and now like Razörwyre does this with this amazing album.

A must have for all fans of those traditional sounds and for all that know that this sound is timeless forever. So „Another Dimension“ definetly has he right to exist in 2012. The roots are back in the 80′s but the hearts lie in the present.

Razörwyre ? New Zealand ? Yes…great band, great land. The spirit lives on in the present and I would like to say…this is my own new overseas sensation. I am very impressed, guys !!!


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Kerbinator

Information: The vinyl version wil be released thru UNDERGOUND POWER Records (Germany)


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