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“The Powers that Be”






There is no exaggeration in saying that now power metal has no more old heroes to defend it and some of the new guys just need a lot of time to find personal steps, Arrayan Path are the rising sun in this genre. They keep writing music that is being evolved in every new album and their stigma hits every listener approaching them. The band created high expectations from the excellent “Ira Imperium” and now through “IV: Stigmata” goes on like there is nothing on its way to the top.

The new album could be characterized as a dark one for two reasons. Because of its concept around religion, including dark moments from different eras and of its riffs. Fury and powerful riffs embrace the biggest part album making it more power and less epic. The first four songs opening the album are the meaning of the above words. You want fast and galloping riffing covering your minds? You got it here. You want choruses able to make you cry from happiness? You got it here too, especially in “Clepsydra” and “Judas Iscariot”. Also, among those four songs “Midnight and the First Born – Massacre” is the most theatrical one, made by its alternations.

You know of course that if we had to do with an album full of fast songs, we could leave it in the end from boredom. For this reason the band knows well the situation in order not to lose. The mid – tempo one “Stigmata” is the song that characterizes Arrayan Path for their epic mood. It’s not just a metal song, but to my ears it’s something more, combining the metal lyricism with the lyricism of musicians coming from a different field of music. This element is obvious in the orchestration of the songs and the keyboards that incorporating a mediterranean atmosphere (even Spanoudakis sounds like being in here). “The Storyteller” is the second mid – tempo with beautiful melodies.





  1. Clepsydra
  2. The Bible Bleeds
  3. Midnight and the First – Born Massacre
  4. Judas Iscariot
  5. Stigmata
  6. Cursed Canaan
  7. Pharaoh’s Wish
  8. Harbingers of Death
  9. Disguising your Soul
  10. The Storyteller
  11. Mystic Moon (Bonus Track)

Release Date:  10 June 2013

Label:  Pitch Black Records


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



Nicolas Leptos is for another time great, he doesn’t sing high, on the other hand is more mature and strong going with the needs of the songs and where you listen to screams be sure that Vaggelis Maranis (their permanent producer) limbers up his voice. So dear friends and readers be ready for this album, it has what we have loved ’till now in Arrayan Path and is more fury than ever. If you listen to the bonus “Mystic Moon” you ‘ll see that a fury riffing closes the album as a fury one opening it.

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