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ARTIZAN - Ancestral Energy



The common sense says “if you want to listen to Iced Earth, listen to their discography”. I don’t disagree with that statement, but we mustn’t forget the new bands which build their own discography on steps of older ones. So, there is no problem with the fact that Artizan through “Ancestral Energy” have something from Iced Earth.

Never forget “it’s not what you are playing, but how you do it”. The album is for those who want melodic lines and memorable songs. Certainly cannot make the difference as an album, but in the circle of those who enjoy themselves listening to simplicity, this will be a nice company. The opening song “I am the Storm” becomes the fan favorite from its chorus. It works like a poison arrow, it hits you in your heart and then try to catch yourself in a time without singing it. Tom Braden sings it ideally and the rest is history. What is happening with that song goes on with “Deep Ocean Dreams”. Excellent melody on its chorus and great rhythm sections.

It’s clearly that the band really wants to move into melodic lines, something that comes out from the vibe of the most songs. Check “The Guardian” which is the most melodic and permitted to say experimental on a way that is far from the Iced Earth tone that captures the rest album. Also the production helps the melody to be in front of everything, but personally I would like the guitars to be heard more in tune, to be even more powerful. The same thing I would like to hear from Tom. He is a melodic singer, but I believe that his voice has the ability to be sound heavier. I’m not talking, of course for screams, which the safe solution for some singers.




  1. I am the Storm
  2. The Raven Queen
  3. The Guardian
  4. The Death of me
  5. Deep Ocean Dreams
  6. You Can’t Take the Metal
  7. Ancestral Energy

Release Date:  10 May 2013

Label:  Pure Steel Records


Points:  6 / 10 

Review by Dr.Feelgood



In the song “Ancestral Energy” we have a pleasant surprise where Tom shares the vocals with Matt Barlow and somehow we travel back in the good days. I really enjoy the ending of that song. Finally, the ideas are nice, but for me they need to become a little bit stronger and including some guitar solos as well, something that lacks in some songs, making them weak.


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