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ASSIGNMENT - Inside of the Machine

Watching a band whose background was death/thrash and now they tend to move on prog/power fields it’s a sign of progression and of course the path that the band will follow for the rest of their career. Assignment can be proud of that as they slowly, there is a reason I’m saying that, find all the appropriate elements for them to build the final frontier.

Behind the hopeful image of the band there is a new album, for which I’m really sad that sounds as it is and not on a different way. To be more specific; the music material of it has many things I love, especially the most rhythm sections and riffs based on the marriage of the first days of Queensryche, Fates Warning from the era of “Awaken the Guardian” and “No Exit” and all the perfection from the neoclassical side of Symphony X. Checking songs like “The Intrusion”, “Resistance” (its prelude erupts my memories) and “Messiah’s Fall” are ideally to satisfy your hanger, but on the half of it. Also the band seems to have a brain that can touch the most technical nerves as in “Another Sacrifice” (easily one of the best songs for this year) and in the instrumental “Bug in the System” you will find jazz/fusion moments that act as the perfect triggering event.

The final great weapon of the band is the keyboards of Gert who plays many things from classical to mediterenean atmospheres. On the other hand, what holds the album down is the absence of a main vocalist. Personally, I would choose someone singing high that could make me scream “masterpiece”. Not that the guests are bad (each one of them is excellent), but their voices do not fit this material, sad but true. As a result the number 14 for the songs is too much. I believe that 7 or 8 songs would be enough.

So, I keep the moments that still play in my head and I wish for a better endeavor the next time, with a main frontman.




  1. Upload the System
  2. The Intrusion
  3. I am the Machine
  4. Resistance
  5. Love between Heaven and Hell
  6. The Betrayal
  7. Messiah's Fall
  8. Ending Love
  9. Another Sacrifice
  10. Electric City (Home of the Machine)
  11. Walk Alone
  12. Eternal Silence
  13. Bug in the System
  14. End of the Machine

Release Date:  11 October 2013

Label:  Mausoleum Records


Points:  6 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



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