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Interview with Paris Lambrou




Hello Paris . New band, new album, a new beginning. Right?


Hello and thanks for the invitation! Well yes, this is a new project and as always we have worked very hard on every detail, to deliver a powerful and quality album. Now we are very happy with the outcome.


Everything began back in 2008. Tell us a few things about it…


I started writing the songs early in 2008. Back then Leptos brothers and I, were members of the band Prodigal Earth (non-active). We were finishing P.E’s debut album and we were also gathering ideas for the second one. The musical direction of Prodigal Earth was straight forward heavy/power with Socio-Political lyrics, and my epic music didn’t fit at all, so I decided to create a new project. After finishing the music for a couple of songs I asked Nicholas if he was interested to participate in this project. At that point, Arrayan Path were inactive, and we were starving to write some epic music!!! The rest of the members (Sokratis Leptos and Stefan Dittrich) joined the band in 2010 and I feel that the album would not have been the same without their capabilities and experience. Their performance was magnificent.


You already have a brilliant career with Arrayan Path, heaven’t you thought that Astronomikon could affect somehow your first band or it would be affected by?


We believe that both are quality projects so they could affect each other only in a positive way. All Astronomikon reviews and interviews refer to Arrayan Path which is on one hand good for Arrayan Path as it brings them to news and on the other hand it is a strong reference for Astronomikon.





Whose idea was to create a concept album around Perseas’ life?


This band was created with a specific concept, to draw inspiration from the sky, which is the biggest book of mythology. I’m in love with the night sky, and mythology is something everyone in the band loves. We decided to write songs that are talking about the myths and legends of different cultures, around the world, depicted in the sky.

The characters of the story in our debut, Perseas, Andromeda, Medusa and Pegasus are all constellations in the sky. We had never worked on a concept before, and we decided to bring to life the metal version of the fascinating myth of Perseas. I grew up with these stories. Behind every myth there are certain teachings. For me the myth of Perseas is about the courage to face life’s diffculties, the hope for a better tomorrow, and the power to live free. The message we want to pass is that nothing is impossible.


I think that the first half of the album contains, let’s say, simple songs to listen to and the second one more epic. Was it a plan or it just came out on its own?


Through the music and lyrics, we tried to achieve the contrast in emotions according to the original story. Each song should be considered as an episode of the myth. As the story progresses, the suspense peaks.


The music smell of oriental sound seems very attractive. Three songs can travel you away from common forms of heavy/power. Something you have done with Arrayan Path as well. Have you ever thought of making an oriental heavy album?


Well I’m not sure if Astronomikon are gonna make a full oriental album. The sure thing is that we will continue to use oriental elements in our music.

 “A Sad Day at Argos ” is my favorite song, because of the use of Ude. Whose idea was the use of it? And who is playing it?


On the demo song there was Sitar instead of Ude. When our producer Evagelos Maranis had listened to the demo, he suggested that we could use Ude and introduced us to Demetris Argyropoulos. We are very happy with the final result, it sounds fantastic.


Tell us about your guest in the song “Dark Gorgon Rising”. I think that with those harsh vocals the song becomes more alive in order to transfer the atmosphere of the concept.


Yes exactly, we wanted to create a certain effect with those vocals. The guest on the songs “Dark Gorgon Rising” and “For You I will Die Young” is our friend Constantinos Machairiotis. He has done an excellent job.





So, what are the plans for Astronomikon? Any live shows? I noticed that next year you will bring both Astronomikon and Arrayan Path in Up the Hammers festival in Athens .


Well the organizers of Up the Hammers Festival like the album. Actually as soon as they listened to the promo song Witch Hunter they made Astronomikon an offer to play. We love to play for our metal brothers in Greece so we decided to play both nights. We also have some more offers to play. At this stage we are examining all the options and hopefully soon a live schedule will be announced. I can’t say more at this moment as nothing has been decided yet.


For one more time you decided that Vaggelis Maranis will handle the production of your debut. Personally, I regard him as one of the most wanted producers. He’s doing a faultless work on every album he is in charge of.


We chose him because he had done a great job with Arrayan Path’s second album. We also became good friends along the way, and most probably we will work together again for the next album.


In the beginning I would like to ask you about the feedback on “Dark Gorgon Rising”, but as I have read till now, only good words escort you.


The reaction so far is very positive and the album reviews are great! Every day we get mails from people who want to thank us for our music. It is also very important for us, that we had so many flattering comments regarding our song “Witch Hunter” from people that we respect and people who influenced our music such as Ross “The Boss” (Manowar founding member), Bill Tsamis (Warlord), Jack Starr (Virgin Steele founding member), Kenny Powell (Omen) and others.


Paris thank you for this conversation we had. I wish you good luck with Astronomikon. Any last words you would like to say addressed to the readers of Metalfields and your fans?


Thank you for this interview. We want to thank all the metalheads around the world for the support. We’ve got mails from people from everywhere, who want to thank us for our music.

If anyone wants to learn more and give us some feedback, please visit our official webpages: (“0” are zeroes)


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