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ASTRONOMIKON - Dark Gorgon Rising



1. Ad Astra Per Aspera
2. Anatolia
3. Son of Seriphos
4. Witch Hunter
5. The Spell I’m under
6. Dramatis Personae
7. Dark Gorgon Rising
8. Bloodborn
9. The Stone Abomination
10. For you I will die young
11. A sad Day at Argos
12. Perseas Eurymedon

Release Date: 15 February 2013 – Pure Legend Records


“The Stars Are Leading Them”

Astronomikon are a new band by the members of Arrayan Path. Actually Paris Lambrou and Nicholas Leptos are the main leaders, but also Stefan Dittrich and Socrates Leptos are participating in order to complete the line – up. Now, if you wonder what’s the difference from Arrayan Path, the only I can tell you is that Astronomikon are something variant and yet close to the other band.

“Dark Gorgon Rising” is the concept album which tales the life of a mythical person from ancient Greece, Perseas. All the songs have something to show from his life. From the moment he was born till the time he passed away as an immortal. While the concept is epic, the music that plumes the songs is heavy/power. There are so many great rhythm sections, so that if your a fan of the sound you are going to love them and keep them in mind once and forever.

All we know that the heavy/power sound isn’t erupted any longer. But if you approach it with some imagination you can do great things. “Dark Gorgon Rising” is exactly this kind of album. Penetrate yourself into the oriental atmosphere of “Anatolia”, “The Stone of Abomination” and “A Sad Day at Argos”. In the third one you can hear during its last the instrument Uti. It is used by the countries of middle East and Greece as a traditional one. This song is what we call epic, because of its novelty.

Make yourself feel like an 16 years old boy while you are listening to “Son of Seriphos”, “Witch Hunter”, “The Spell I’m Under”. The spirit of Helloween from the “Keepers” era on the guitars and Nicholas presents us his highest performances. How about guest? In “Dark Gorgon Rising” we hear the angry and harsh vocals of Konstantinos Mahairiotis from Shut ‘Em Down and in some songs we hear the lightning screams from Vaggelis Maranis. Vaggelis for one more time prepared the ground for an excellent production.

The song that ends the album “Perseas Erymedon” is the second best epic song. The melodies, the harmony, the lauding chorus that is being sung with honor by all the members for that immortal hero. I wrote enough, listen to it!

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood




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