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AXIOM - Truths Denied



1. Truths Denied
2. Never Die
3. Human Race
4. Red Eyes
5. Dawn is Coming
6. Scar
7. Seven Steps to the Grave
8. State of Grace
9. A Revolution Inside
10. Keep the Rain

Release Date: 2009 – Self-Produced


Axiom is named as a progressive/power metal band from italy. Born in 2004 the band released now 2 full length albums…and we are talking now about their second release „Truths Denied“. The band had to do some line up changes wiht a new guitarist and after all a new vocalist.
First the nice cover art work catches your eyes…and this makes appetite for listening. So here we go…

The title track opens the album. „Truths Denied“ – the song – is a two minute intro made out of hectic keyboards, guitars and voices in the background.
It goes over to the first real song „Never Die“. Keyboard walls everywhere…fast guitars and then the vocals appear. A mix of thrash/death growls and angel like clean vocals. Suggests us a fight between good and evil ? Maybe…Solid instrumentation but the last punch is missing a little. Interesting arrangements for sure…Labyrinth comes in mind, but with partly growled parts. A lightly aggressive opener with progressive trademarks cause of the keyboards.

Next a song about the „Human Race“. Speedful keyboard part lead over to a growl/clean duet. Very fast played. And a first, wild, guitar solo leading underlined with synth carpets lead to a slower one.
Cleaner vocal lines (isn’t there a lady taking part ?) of vocalist Isfid Demon sound warm as opponent to the growls. Rounded up with, again, some human voices in the back. Good song.
But we can say now, in this early stadium, that the music of Axiom is nothing to listen to in your car or on metal dancefloors. The music is too complex and you have to take your time to explore it.

„Red eyes“ begins with piano/guitar part. Soon some thrash guitar elements appear and together with the keyboards it makes it near to bands like Mercenary. The vocals are too aggressive for a progmetal band. The band tries to put enough power into the songs, so we are far away from cheesy melodies, some strange noises included. The keyboards for sure are in the same style like dozens of italian progmetal bands, but the rest spreads it from being just another symphonic metal band.
Midtempo in the clean moments, speedful in the aggressive parts.

„Dawn is coming“ starts a little unspectacular with keyboard lines. Again the duet of clean vocals and growls rule the scene. This is definetely the band’s trademark. I am wondering if the band is able to write slower parts. Not with this song. Fast, furious…..but stop! Here it comes….a dreamful guitar/keyboard sequence. But only for some seconds before a vocal war interrupts us. For me the band packs too much sounds into one song….ok. Not bad…but not thrilling here.

Slow and sweet Piano intro in „Scar“, a minute long, before a brutal shredding guitar part appears. The growls underline the aggression, the clean vocals the dialog between good and evil. Complex arrangements with guitars, keyboards, pumping bass and a typical progressive refrain rounds it up.

„Seven Steps to the Grave“…the title will name it…starts as a hard one. The vocal/growl lines are held mostly in middle heights. Only the refrain is performed a little bit higher. Straighter song, more spreedful, with lots of keyboards in the back to keep it progressive.

„State of Grace“ begins with keyboards like in a movie soundtrack. The clean vocals in the refrain seems a little too thin. Guitars between shredding and slower solos are keeping the quality high. Fast shouts in the midpart forcing tempo to critizice the politics. The alliance of instruments playing together sound weird here sometimes. Less would be more.

Speed Metal part opens „A Revolution Inside“. Thrash vocals..yes this could be a thrash/speed song if there wouldn’t be the cheesy clean vocals in between. Keyboards are most time in the back here. This song will not cause a revolution but points with the above named style elements. At the end the keyboards break through more in front.

Again a slow piano part at the beginning of the last track „Keep the rain“. Angel like vocals are the main element of this ballad. Keyboard and vocals without any guitars and drums. And that means a sad touch…or should it promise a better future ? Not a bad decision to let the album fade out like this after all the part-time aggressive songs before.

Well…Axiom is a band that makes it not easy for me to tell a final result. On one side there is the innovative music style they perform. I think progressive metal with death/thrash growls we don’t find that much in the scene. The arrangements are good and the band tries to underline their ambitions for complex music in their songs. And most time it works.
On the other side the sound could be better. The drums should be more in front sometimes.
And the clean vocals are too thin, mostly in the refrains.
So….for that I can give 8 points for the music, but only 6 points for sound and vocals.
Axiom for sure is a band that we can hear more in the future.


Points 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator


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