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1. Cold embrace
2. Dance of the witches
3. A new dawn
4. Ocean of tears.
5. Remember your time
6. I can hear your heart
7. Floating pictures
8. Love will never die
9. Memories
10. Take
11. Powerplay
12. The meaning

Release Date: 01 February 2013 – Blacklands Music


Blacklands – this german band was founded 2006 by drummer Thomas Kelleners. In the year 2007 keyboard player Manfred Reinicke and female vocalist Moja Nardelli appeared. After several tries the band found their actual line up in 2010. Blacklands published a 6-song-demo in 2011 and they were also performing live on stage.
With „ A New Dawn“ now they offer their debut album, with it’s 80 minutes really enormous in lenght. A new star on the progressive heaven.

Line Up:
Moja Nardelli – vocals
Michael Stockschläger – guitars, vocals
Manfred Reinecke – keyboards
Rüdiger Sartingen – bass
Thomas Kelleners – drums

Already the first song „Cold Embrance“ is really good and keeps you excited for the following tracks. The melody lines are worked out nice. And you also will not get disappointed with „Dance of the Witches“. It starts in rockin’ style and it can keep it to the end. Especially the tempo changes are brilliant arranged. From happy to dark – you all can find that here.

The title track „A New Dawn“, which is sung by Giles Lavery (Dragonsclaw) is a breaker. It reminds from the first notes on to old Saga stuff. Well done !!
Also the rest of the songs are first class diamonds. You can hear that there are musicians at work that know what they can do. „I can hear your heart“ is a wonderful ballad and cause of that there is performing Moja together with a male supporter makes it something special.
Especially the track „Power Play“is my favourite. There are so many music styles combined that it is a real pleasure to listen to. And the length of 15 minutes is not bothering there. The voice of Lennie Rizzo (Exxplorer) and the guitar solo by Terry Gorle (Heir Apparent) are killer !

With „A New Dawn“ Blacklands deliver a well done debut. Those who like Marillion, Saga, Nightwish or similar bands, will find his place here. Personally for me there were missing some harder and more rockin’ songs, but this only my own opinion.

We can be curious of what’s coming next….

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Angel



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