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BROKEN HOPE - Omen of Disease



  1. Intro / Septic Premonitions
  2. Womb of Horrors
  3. Ghastly
  4. The Flesh Mechanic
  5. Rendered into Lard
  6. Omen of Disease
  7. The Docking Dead
  8. Give me the Bottom Half
  9. Predacious Poltergeist
  10. Blood Gullet
  11. Carnage Genesis
  12. Choked out and Castrated

Release Date: 30 September 2013 - Century Media


This 6th installment from broken hope doesnt fail to dissapoint, after disbanding and the tragic death of original singer and founding member Joe Ptacek, omen of disease fronted now by gorgasm singer Damien leski is a brutal assault on the auditory sense. a great progression in production from previous albums

From the intro of "Septic Premonitions" and track 1 "Womb Of Horrors" sets the stage for the pioneering Broken Hope gutteral/ technical death punch they have been renowned for since early 1990 
The album uses .clever technical timing changes to highlight each musicians brutallity perfectly.
With the current line-up of
                                                      DAMIEN LESKI (VOCALS)
                                                     JEREMY WAGNER (GUITARS)
                                                     SHAUN GLASS (BASS)
                                                     CHUCK WEPFER (LEAD GUITAR)
                                                     MIKE MICZEK (DRUMS)
and a steady touring schedule in 2013 with DEICIDE,DISGORGE and NECRONOMICON, 25+ years on Broken Hope with OMEN OF DISEASE are still a huge malevolent force to be reckoned with
Points:  8 / 10 
Review by Alex Miller


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