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BULLET - Full Pull



1. Midnight Oil
2. Full Pull
3. Running Away
4. All Fired Earth
5. Rolling Home
6. In the Heat
7. High on the Hog
8. Rush Hour
9. Freeriding
10. Gutterview
11. Warriors

Release Date: 14 September 2012 – Nuclear Blast


Where does the jouney go with Bullet after their last, husky output „Highway Pirates“ ? Clearly with full steam to Australia, cause in the beginning the rock’n roll train is lubricated by the five-piece with „Midnight Oil“. Any more shovel of coal added and we are racing on with „Full Pull“ through the fifth continent. Maybe there are also Airbourne in the train ? Anyway…Hell Hofer’s distinctive voice is screaming the refrain of „Running Away“ to all the softies that are going to hideaway.
After the longest track, „Rolling Home“, we are not reaching the finish for a long time yet, even thogh the handbrakes will be pulled here.
With „All Fire Up“ the first little metal grenade is fired. „In the Heat“ and „High on the Hog“ are A(C/DC) – class dainties to scream together. The swedish proof with „Rush Hour“ that this can also offer some nice elements. The rattling riff in the refrain is animating to play air guitar. Following with half speed in „Free Riding“.
After this silent running „Gutterview“ is crystallizing as a welcome increase of tempo in which the red zone is not exhausted at all.
Ok…so the final „Warriors“ have to take the win above all we heard before. Unfortunately the battle will not be won, even though the twin guitars cut the meat and the refrain hymn let me the forks of metal raised in the air.

Compared to the latest both albums „Full Pull“ is lightly losing ground. Accept(ed) !!
But the lion roared well like ever (this time the album artwork and Hell Hofer) and the thoroughbred musicians are the leaders of the whole swedisch rockin’ pack anyway.

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Metalvurry




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