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GRAVE DIGGER - Clash of the Gods



1. Charon
2. God of Terror
3. Hell Dog
4. Medusa
5. Clash of the Gods
6. Death Angel & the Grave Digger
7. Walls of Sorrow
8. Call of the Sirens
9. Warriors Revenge
10. With the Wind
11. Home at Last

Release Date: 24 August 2012 – Napalm Records


„Hm…is there really the right CD in the player ?“ – This is the first question, that appears, if Grave Diggers new album is on rotation for the first time. You don’t hear, like awaited, Chris Boltendahl, you hear the last unicorn of In Extremo. But „Charon“ is simply an intro. After that Chris is taking the mic,like ever.

What the grave diggers deserve to us following is well known and established. Classic heavy metal made in germany. Sometimes a little faster („God of Terror“ or „Walls of Sorrow“), sometimes a little slower („Clash of the Gods“). Mostly the new material is not enthralling and revolutionary.

Only the really dark one „Medusa“ and „Death Angel and the Grave Digger“, signed by an excellent chorus, really can satisfy.
The finishing track is“Home at Last“, which was published previously. This could also come from a band like Ensiferum with it’s happy swinging refrain.

Clash of the gods became a varied album indeed, but only the good moments can keep up with the last two albums. Even that the band luckily left the bagpipes at home.

What remains in the end is an decent Grave Digger album, that will satisfy every fan for sure. In the band’s discography this album will only be a side note. And here the interesting mythological base frame will not help at all.


Points:  6 / 10

Review by Manuel (Metal Aschaffenburg)

German Review here:   METAL ASCHAFFENBURG



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