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CRIMSON CULT - Tales of Doom



1. State of Fear
2. Behind The Curtain
3. Institution Christ
4. Coshinja
5. The Long Way Home
6. Warrior Son
7. On the Edge
8. Second Life
9. Crimson Empire
10. The Inquisition

Release Date: 23 March 2012 – Pure Steel Records


“The dark picture of a haunted music”

We are many out there who love Savatage, but unhopefully this band has not gained yet the total respect it deserves. The fact that there are bands which step on the main base of the Americans and create a personal music gives an extra pleasant side in the unfair years. Crimson Cult from Austria is the band that has a big image of Savatage over its head and goes forward with an inspiration that unfortunately not many people will follow.

When you say that you have a band that states in the central Europe, right next to Germany and your style is power metal, many people will think and say a lot, but no one will be right. Crimson Cult do something different, without be the guys of something new, they will not re – reveal the fire, but their bridge uniting the ideas of the American metal way with the fast clues of Europe and yes they carry a of the Savatage spirit. To be honest the material of “Tales Of Doom” needs a lot of listening, so to understand if you with it or not, if you like
it more or less. It has difficulties that those who have learnt to be liked in simple things will turn it down and this goes to the longest song of the album “The Long Way Home”. I believe that this song should be at the end of the album and this because lasts 9 minutes and has some alternations that are not similar to
other songs. Declaring the things all the songs have few common parts and this is the best part.

Without doubt the beginning is the fastest and the toughest part in the album, three songs, “State Of Fear”, “Behind The Curtain” and “Institution Christ” that contain power, speed, hidden melody and a haunted atmosphere. The last clue of the haunted atmosphere I could say that is the basic component of the album and a clue derived from the theatrical period of Savatage. I would really appreciate it if there were more bands doing this. Be careful by this part it does not mean that Crimson Cult are clones or imitators of Savatage, but it seems that they love that band and they just want to share one piece of their spirit, something logical and always understandable.

Another thing that this material reminds me of Savatage is the vocals of Walter Stuefer, somewhere this guy is able to scream so strong that the ruins will be damaged more, but in other moments he seems somehow slow and too gentle for the needs of the songs. I think that he should be stronger and able to keep his voice high, to adopt a wilder and a theatrical character that will give to the music a tone able to shake anyone’s mind. On the other hand the guitar player and main brain of the songs named Schwammerl plays as hard as he can.

When it is time for the solo he is melodic, catastrophic (on a good meaning) and erupted, he reaches the limits and he knows when he has to stop before being exaggerated. The perfect example of all the above are all the songs, but most of all the instrumental one “The Inquisition”. From its beginning till its end the guitar is your temporary company. Enjoy it!

Difficult period for difficult albums. I think that “Tales Of Doom” is the result that the band wanted and this counts more than everything I have written. Sometimes we think we are judges and this is wrong. The only judge is time and time will show how much the people will admire this album and how many of us will follow the band.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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