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CROM - Of Love and Death



1. Reason to Live
2. Lifetime – The Fallen Beauty Part II
3. Just One Blink
4. My Song for All the Broken Hearts
5. My Destiny
6. This Dying World
7. Eternal Dreaming

Release Date: 25 November 2011 – Pure Legend Records


“You have the talent, but you need to have and others around you to be stronger.”

Walter “Crom” Grosse is mostly known for his participation in the black metal band from Germany, Dark Fortress and by the moment he left them he lost no time for devoting himself in his own band. His occasion follows the big examples of musicians, who apart from their basic bands they had and their personal one too. On the first side, Fenriz while he was in Darkthrone he created Isengard and played everything on his own and from the other side Quorthon tried through Quorthon to change his music style from that one of Bathory.

I can also say that Quorthon is the main affect for Crom in his music.
So, something important is that Crom for second time after his first full-length Vengeance in 2008 and all his demos and EP he plays everything on his own, from the lyrics to drums. Is this good? Well, I am not the one to answer because everyone may have different opinions, but I will say that despite the sympathetic result and the beautiful parts sometimes melodic and other times light tough,
this is not enough. The album begins with the best of my expectations through “Reason To Live” and “Lifetime”. In the first one the main chorus, the best of the album, delays to be showed up and this is one of the tactics that I approve of because the curiosity about the evolution of the song brings pleasant moments to me at least. The second one carries the one of the basics elements in Bathory’s
songs, the polyphonic parts where one man is heard like ten together and the solo of it makes Crom’s talent on guitars obvious for one more time among others.

Unfortunately the continuity is not the same to the beginning and here is what I was talking about above. If Crom had other musicians by his side, just like his lyric and he shared his ideas with them, then the album would be tighter than it is right now and of course we would hear more tough riffs come out from the melodic overtures as they presented in “My Destiny” and “This Dying World”.

These two songs do not have the power neither of the first two nor of “My Song For All The Broken Hearts”, the one with the best feeling that one musician can raise. They are heard too light for an epic album and not able to make you check them again.

“Eternal Dreaming” is a beautiful instrumental with all the clues of the above songs, but not able to full fill the mediocrity that appears in here because of some songs. Crom follows the right tactic to reproduce some of the most grandiose moments of Bathory, he has his personal identity in the sound, but he needs to try more,
to be more tough without losing the melody and the most important to cooperate with other musicians. He is a young musician yet and he has all the time in front of his life to do things and projects on his own.


Points: 6 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood


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