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CROSSPLANE - High Speed Operation



1. No Win Situation
2. In my Veins
3. Real Life
4. The One I Believe
5. Stop the Bullet
6. Is it me
7. Bones

Released: 2011 – self-released


„We are Crossplane and we are playing rock’n roll“… what band remembers that slogan of the german band Crossplane ? Right… to the Rock’n Roll band itself…Motörhead. And if you know that the band call their music „Rockshit“ then you know where the roots of Crossplane lie.

Even the artwork of their first EP called „High Speed Operation“ that will be reviewed here, has a little touch of Lemmy and his guys.

So…is Crossplane only a Motörhead cover band with own songs ? We will find out now….

The band was founded 2010 and made their experience earlier in other bands and projects.
Vocalist and guitar player Celli for example worked together with Onkel Tom (side project of the Sodom leader Tom Angelripper) and bass player Dirk was in Andy Brings’ band Ramonstars.

The operation starts with „No Win Situation“. Simple guitar base theme and first surprise…the vocals are not a cheap Lemmy clone. More like in Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society. Catchy, dirty refrain. Yes…Crossplane’s sound smell the dirt from the streets. Great rock’n roll guitars, easy listening, straight song. It paints a picture of the band on stage with cigarettes in their hands and lots of beer aside.

„In my vains“ is a 3 minute speed song. Fast forward….like a bike ride on the smoking highways.
Celli performs more in Lemmy style here but with his own note. More aggressive than in the first song. A harmonic guitar line in the end breaks the speed a little.

Are the songs still getting shorter ? Next one „Real Life“ is even faster than the song before. Oh yes…now we are arriving old Motörhead class now. This song definetely could be one of their early years as Overkill and Bomber ruled the streets. Smasher…nothing more to say.

Classic guitar intro, deep sounds. „The One I Believe“ slows you down. Deep, nearly growled, vocals. Between suffering and hate. A first guitar solo at the end appears and interrupts the scene of the similar played guitar lines and the dark and hateful refrain.

„Stop the Bullet“ again breathes more Black Label Society air. Held mostly between slower licks and midtempo. Some chaotic guitar elements and bluesy sounds makes it to a song that is leading the pack of bikers that burn the streets in a row.

A song, simply called „It is me“ to follow. We are back in more speedful areas. Another pure rock’n roller. Simple, straight and ear catching. Fuckin’ bastard….is it you ? 3 minutes of smoke and leather. Wear your old jeans jackets, take some beers and fuck the rest.

„Bones“ ends it with acoustic guitars and nearly spoken vocals, rooted in alcohol and dust.
No break, no solo….what’s the reason that is breaking my bones?

Crossplane’s home is the sound of dust and dirt in the streets. People that are wearing their rock’n roll clothes even in bed will love it.
In some songs we can find a strong influence by Motörhead. That means that Crossplane is not the most innovative band, but if Lemmy will ever leave the rock’n roll circus….here is a band that can fill the gap.

Yes…they are Crossplane. And the defintely play rock’n roll !!!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator