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CROSSWIND - Vicious Dominion

Crosswind are a classic instance of the bands having been created in the mid ’90s and due to several difficulties release their debut after all those years. You see, it’s their vision and tenacity to stay alive, get over every hurdle and be here to offer “Vicious Dominion”.

Their debut will satisfy to the fullest the fans of teutonic power metal. Whoever has missed the firmness of Helloween from their first three albums, the ignorance of Hammerfall on their debut and the inner power of Innerwish, now can lie his/her tears of happiness in this album. If in the first demos and the compilation, the band showed that has something to say, with this release things are being more certain than then.

And now what exactly have to say about the songs? From one side the power immediacy of “The Order”, “Angels at War”, “Aeons” and “Eye of the Storm” (A song from the past). Refrains that will be sung even while you are sleeping and leads that stuck in your head like the leech in the body. And from the other side the epic majesty in “Vicious Dominion” and “Legion Lost” (with an “a la John Arch break scream” in the beginning). Speed riffs and solos as you ordered them many years ago.

As the tradition asks great singers in power/prog bands from Thessaloniki, Crosswind played with the “Mat move” and brought Vasilis Topalidis to be their frontman. So, hearing this voice in a metal album after Horizon’s End is dreamy. His voice fits every single second in the songs and the rest is history. 



  1. From Ashes Reborn
  2. Lords of Deceit
  3. The Order
  4. Angels at War
  5. Legion Lost
  6. Vicious Dominion
  7. Aeons
  8. Grim Steeds
  9. Eye of the Storm

Release Date:  16.06.2014

Label:  No Remorse Records

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



While power metal is not as strong as it used to be, I’m saying this and not because I’m a Greek; bands from Greece step on stuff that many other bands did in the past, but the feeling through the songs is strong and alive!



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