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DAMNATIONS DAY - Invisible, the Dead



1. Invisible, the Dead

2. The Meaning

3. I Am

4. The Reaper

5.  A Ghost in Me

6. Lucid Dreaming

7. Reflections

8. Carried above the Sun

9. A world to come


Release Date:  17.09.2013 - Nightmare Records


“Somewhere, Somewhen, Now”

Ladies and gentlemen I present you a new band called Damnations Day. A band whose name and debut artwork have no relationship with their music. But, at least this is the most unimportant thing that could appeal us. So we move on to the most important of the case, their debut which can make you smile, as it has some of the most tremendous moments of the US power/prog side.

Thanks to a great production, it is designated a rhythm section uniting the fury side of Firewind with the eruption of the legendary Sanctuary. In evidence of this, “The Meaning” and “I Am” can give you abundant pleasure through the riffing and of course the good writing section on lyrics, something that is the most requested from many new bands nowadays. Next attack in “Reaper” where the band provides us the heavy melodic side of them, with one of the best solos in the album. Unfortunately, songs like “Reflections” cannot be compared with the previous ones, neither offer the same feelings. For me, it’s too thrashy to stick to an album like this, especially when two ballads (“A Ghost in Me” is a must check one and an offspring of “Chasing Time” maybe…?) come to calm down the flux.

Yet, the top of the album, the absolute US power/prog moment is “Carried above the Sun”. It can be regarded as the “hit” of the album, the song that is going to make you hear and sing along with it again and again. Mark Kennedy is the one that takes this song and a big part of the album even higher. US screams and a voice whose range shows what he is able to do in the future. The album is good, check it and I want in the next album to hear a more succeeded union of power and prog on the way that the band can do it. Leave thrash moments come out is seconds, not in a whole song. We are with them!

Points:  7 / 10


Review by Dr.Feelgood




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