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DANTE - Saturnine

Over the years I've heard many progressive metal bands that are a cheap knock-off of classic bands like Dream Theater, with nothing new to add. Or, they try too hard to be too technical. In fact, prog metal might be the most difficult genre to make a name for yourself through originality, technical perfection and catchy melodies. In fact, I can count on two hands (barely needing the second) the number of bands who can nail this formula. Well let me add one...Dante.


Dante's second studio release, "Saturnine" is a melodic masterpiece. Now let me preface this by saying I use that word maybe three times a decade!
The album to me, stylistically, is very reminiscent of Dream Theater's classic 1994 release "Awake", or Savatage's 1997 classic "Wake of Magellan". That doesn't mean they are a copy at all, only that it is clear they have studied the prog metal masters and are not only showing true appreciation for the genre's roots, but also adding their own elements. The vocals remind me Anubis Gate, another great band that is carrying the torch for this genre. The guitar riffs are original, the bass is in all the right places, and the time changes are there with a purpose. I could go on and on...
This German based progressive metal band, if they get heard, could easily be the new face on the genre. Really, they are that good. Don't miss this one!




  1. All my Life
  2. Drifting
  3. Last
  4. Never Return
  5. Maybe One Day
  6. Modal Acousma
  7. Vanessa

Release Date:  13 July 2010

Label:  ProgRock Records


Points:  10 / 10
Review by Scott Bivins



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