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TESTAMENT - Dark Roots of Earth

“Dark Roots of Earth” that has been released some weeks ago is the thrash album of the year for lots of people – that’s the reason to bring now a little late a short review.

Indeed this album is a cracking smasher without big weaknesses. Escpecially the high factor of hits is surprising. There are minimus three absolute highlights on it with the title track, “Rise Up” and “True American Hate”. Also the rest can keep up this high level and this will bring the fans of pure thrash metal to ecstasy in seconds.

As against to the big four it is mainly the little smaller four (Exodus, Death Angel, Overkill and Testament) that created the real big pounders in the last years. The named big four should take a leave out of their books immediately.

Fact: Invest your money better in albums of the above named bands than in expensive tours of rich and spoiled musicians and don’t fill the self called genre kings their money bags anymore.

This is the real thing !!



  1. Rise Up
  2. Native Blood
  3. Dark Roots of Earth
  4. True American Hate
  5. A Day in the Death
  6. Cold Embrace
  7. Man Kills Mankind
  8. Throne of Thorns
  9. Last Stand for Independence

Release Date:  27 July 2012

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Points:  8 / 10


Review by Michael Klein

German version at Metal Aschaffenburg



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