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"Life Cycles"


FATES WARNING - Darkness in a Different Light

A life without music would be poor, with no sense and thanks God there are musicians out there whose music is not only the right company for the right moments, but also it works and as a mental cure. This is happening with the music of Fates Warning, they are not just a common progressive metal band, they are a personal experience for the most of us who follow and keep their music inside us. A new album of them is always a sign of new roads in our thoughts.

So, “FWX” was the last album, but the excellent “Sympathetic Resonance” was the precursor of what the next step would be. With the return of Frank Aresti the bell chimed for two things; the reappearance of leads and solos and the return of the metal character. This doesn’t mean that the previous albums weren’t prog metal, they worked more as atmospheric and in the new one you can feel the heaviness of the songs. “One Thousand Fires”, “I Am” and the magnum opus “And yet It Moves” bring memories of the “Perfect Symmetry” era and apart from that, your brain can play with the riffs and thinking on your own what they remind you of. Jim spreads prog riffing and not clear progressive, you know the difference and if not, do not think of it because the main point is not that. And the new guy Bobby is the “beast” needed for that material, gnarly and infallible.

Now, beyond the procedural themes of the album, the liturgical factor is that the songs are being one with you, they are you. One soul I know is used to saying; the importance in the new Fates album is the minore be offered by the songs. Once you hear them you can never take them out of your brain. Emotional bonding with “Firefly”, “Desire” and “Falling”. No one can run away from those lyrics, no one can hide. Even the contribution of Kevin Moore in “O Cloroform” can make you dive into the sea of words and breathe free without the fear of drown. Can you stand on your knees and confess to yourself the exactly words of “Into the Black”…?




  1. One Thousand
  2. Firefly
  3. Desire
  4. Falling
  5. I Am
  6. Lighthouse
  7. Into the Black
  8. Kneel and Obey
  9. O Chloroform
  10. And Yet it Moves

Release Date:  30 October 2013

Label:  InsideOut Music

Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



This is the Fates Warning album, another personal experience that through its music we decide to become better than we are now. Melodies, choruses that could be slogans on walls of a city and the prog metal seal that will never leave you. All these under the deep performance of Ray Alder; not able to scream anymore, but the material is done according to his vocal lines, which can intoxicate you. This band always goes on one step beyond, just like life.



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