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FIREWIND - Days of Defiance



1. The Ark of Lies
2. World on Fire
3. Chariot
4. Embrace the Sun
5. The Departure
6. Heading for the Dawn
7. Broken
8. Cold As Ice
9. Kill in the Name of Love
10. SKG
11. Losing Faith
12. The Yearning
13. When All Is Said and Done

Release Date: 26 October 2010 – Century Media


Greek metal scene is a promised one and its ambassadors are many, but only some of them have become well-known by their achievements and the biggest example is Firewind. They are a band which is evolved in every album and as a result any new album is better than the previous one, such as Days of Defiance. Firewind have two guns, firstly, all the members are great composers and secondly their guitarist and leader Gus G. is also the guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne and the fact that they haven’t separated and have recorded Days of Defiance makes them bigger and stronger than they used to be.

Firstly when you listen to the opening track ”The ark of lies” you are shocked from the riff after the introduction till the end of the song. The pleasure goes on during the next two songs ”World on fire” and ”The chariot” which are not as fast as the first, but powerful enough to keep you headbanging. The album generally combines the sound of the first days of the band with the melody and the inspiration of the last two albums. The album has its commercial songs such as ”Embrace the sun” which could be contained in Allegiance and the ballad ”Broken”. All their great albums contains an istrumental song and in here too, ”Skg” in which Gus proves for one more time how big composer he is and with Bob Katsionis in keyboards are traveling us in the magic world of melody and power!

Despite the heavy-rock songs that Firewind have written, although their style is power metal and the two last songs of the album ”The yearning” and ”When all is said and done” are the biggest demonstration for this. All the new guitarists in power metal have as a teacher those from groups like Helloween or Blind Guardian, but Gus’s talent and playing is derived by a man called Al Dimeola and you can realise that in the introduction of ”Cold as ice”.
Firewind form their begining till now have their sound and this makes them unique in power metal because the most new bands have a sound which is not theirs, but they try to be heard like the big names!

Days of Defiance contains all the previous albums together and the new clues that has are, a new drummer Michael Ehre who replaced Mark Cross and the developement in Apollo’s voice who has become much better since Allegiance. Without doupt this album is so perfect that it will not be easy to stop listening to it and every day you will find out its worth!!

Firewind are heading for the top!!!

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood


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