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Dead Lord - Goodbye Repentance

DEAD LORD - Goodbye Repentance




1. Hank
2. Hammer to the Heart
3. Onkalo
4. Goodbye Repentance
5. Because of Spite
6. Envying the Dead
7. No More Excuses
8. Ghost Town

Release Date: 5 April 2013 – High Roller Records


“Rockin’ Simple and Hard”

Dead Lord are a new band from Stockholm, Sweden and the first I can tell you is that the portrait of hard rock from the ’70s is the music of “Goodbye Repetance” for today. Don’t expect anything else apart from pure hard rock.

Whoever had a taste of their 7″ EP “No Prayers Can Help You” could realize that the band loves Thin Lizzy and honestly the most guitar parts of the album are like a tribute to them on a way to thank them for what they have offered in music. But do not think that Dead Lord sound like Thin Lizzy; this works more like a trap and doesn’t let enjoying the songs.

The biggest highlight of the album is the guitar solos and many of the lead guitar parts from Hakim and Olaf. “Hammer to the Heart”, “Onkalo” and “Envying the Dead” are the best examples to get you in what I mentioned above. Make sure to yourself that those songs will be in replaying for a long time. But, it’s not just the guitars. The voice of Hakim Krim is somehow strange to our ears, but throw the listening you will get used to it and here comes “No More Excuses”. Hakim is performed so stellar and emotional that this song is the best in the album. It begins bluesy and its end is like a UFO eruption.

Also, two songs sound to me like truthful fillers, “Because of Spite” and “Ghost Town”. They are not bad at all, but they luck of a little more power. Small the damage, just listen to it. I am sure we have to do with a very good hard rock debut far – flung from the albums of the ’80s.

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood




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