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ENFORCER - Death by Fire



1. Bells of Hades
2. Death Rides the Night
3. Run for Your Life
4. Mesmerized by Fire
5. Take Me Out of This Nightmare
6. Crystal Suite
7. Sacrificed
8. Silent Hour / The Conjugation
9. Satan

Release Date: 01 February 2013 – Nuclear Blast


“Speed Killers on the Road”

Top speed, no limits, no breaks to protect you from crashes. Some words able to describe “Death by Fire”. The unripe attack of the their first album “Into the Night” with the catchy spirit of “Diamonds” are involved in the new Enforcer album. Who could imagine that 4 young guys from Sweden would be able to give us our brains in our hands? Who could say that the spirit of Avenger is seamed inside them? Behold the reincarnation of Savage Grace.

The gentle intro “Bell of Hades” cannot discriminates you what comes next. The absolute and raw power represented in “Death Rides thin Night”, “Run for your Life” with the most sweet solo (if the word sweet can be contained in a text for Enforcer), “Sacrifice” and “Satan”. Songs full of fast riffs, screams from Olof and harmonies that keep the coherence among all the songs. Nothing is irresistable in here. Feel the galloping drums of Jonas or that impassioned bass of Tobias. The line that dissociates the instruments is too subtle.

Now, if you want catchy choruses, you will find them easily in “Mesmerized by Fire” and “Take me out of this Nightmare” and you will sing them all day long. Enforcer couldn’t record this album without writing the required instrumental song. “Crystal Suite” and some memories from the first two albums of Iron Maiden manifest in front of you.

Humanity says “Do not drink and drive” and I supplement “Do not listen to “Death by Fire” while you are driving”. The results will be awful. This album can keep you awake for hours. Also if Enforcer had ignorance of danger in “Into the Night”, right now they are the danger itself. Just Guns N’ Roses used to be before, during and right after the release of “Appetite for Destruction”. I cannot imagine where they can reach, but this era is theirs.

Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood




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