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DECLAMATORY - Human Remains



1. The Die Off
2. It’s all over
3. Raider Messiah
4. Law of the Gun
5. Night Club Booze Tale
6. Nomad
7. A Perfect Drug
8. Human Remains

Release Date: 13 October 2012 – self released


Declamatory – Berlin modern thrashers with their first full length album called „Human Remains“.
Founded back in 2000 and after several line up changes caused by private reasons vocalist Robert Scholich created a first concept album about a post-apocalyptic war between „Raiders“ and „Crystal Gods“ after the collapse of the industrial civilzation. And so this album means the start up of a series of following concept albums that are continuing the story. Interesting…indeed.

The band is playing melodic thrash metal with strong modern vibes. „The Die Off“ surprises with great harmonic guitar work between the typical shouted vocals and refrain. A song that makes Declamatory near to older Mercenary or partly newer In Flames.
A real good start into the album.
Unfortunately after that the band moves to typical modern metal standards with less than more thrash character. The songs are all well played and own enough power („Raider Messiah“, „Law of the Gun“). Sometimes the vocals of Robert even drift into alternative rock fields and for me that causes lots of power. More aggression would have given the songs more punch.
The band tries to innovate with some fresh sounds like in „Night Club Booze Tale“ and that shows that Declamatory is willing to lean the songs more concept character and to bring some excitement into the songwriting. For me that partly works, but not at all.

On „Human Remain“ for me the highlight comes at the beginning. I wished that the band would continue with that during the entire album. So we find two or three songs here that are shining out of the masses, but the rest is, like I said, upper class standard without new innovations.

„Human Remains“, fore sure, is not a bad album and fans of good handmade modern metal with thrash elements can definetely do nothing wrong, buying this album.
But I want to hear more of your own ideas on your next releases, guys. I know you could make it !
The decision to create an interesting concept therefore is a kind of a step in this right direction.

Points: 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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