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DEMON PRAYERS - Evoke the Pain

My home, Greece, is regarded as one of the most productive countries in metal music. The scene of thrash metal could actually be paralleled with the German scene in the mid ’80s. The bands and the albums are coming out every day and the meaning of the underground touches the light of overground. Demon Prayers tend to take place among many other ambitious bands.

“Evoke the Pain” is not a debut that smashes everything else has been released, but the promised endeavor of those young guys can turn you on. Nothing new and yet not disinterested. Riffs everywhere, some of them say “Thank you, Suicidal Angels, for what you have shown and we’ll keep observing you”. Others have the smell of black metal from the early days of Sodom (“Damnation Enslaved”) and the solos are the typical ones make you saying to yourself “Hey, grab your air – guitar and work out your neck!”. The song that really grabbed me is the instrumental one “Atonement”; the way of the riffing can stuck you looking in the vacancy.

They still need work, in order to do what they have started even better. The choir parts in the album makes much sense and they show that they want to do things promoting their sign. Of course, all the young bands had their affects remarkable in their debuts and the beginning of Demon Prayers is absolute positive!



  1. Intro - Evoke the Pain
  2. Damnation Enslaved
  3. Senseless Reality
  4. Morbid Terror
  5. Atonement
  6. Tyranny
  7. Savage Violence
  8. The Crusher
  9. Under Snow and Blood

Release Date:  February 2014

Label:  Athens Thrash Attack

Points:  7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood





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