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Andreas, „Let them Burn“ is out now for some days. Happy with the result ?


 Amazing I would have to say!
The album took a little longer to produce than we thought it would but the result speaks for itself.
Every little detail is exactly where it should be and Fredrik Folkare who has mixed the album has done a great job, The best we´ve ever had.


How were the first feedbacks about the new album ?


 We knew or at least thought that we had made a great album and the united rockpress around the world have collectively sung praise for us wich is crazy!


In my review I called the music on the album a kind of „wide screen“ metal. That means, music made for the stadiums of the world. Big fat sound for the masses. Is it your intention to write music, that can be consumed from a wide music scene and is not limited to only genre fans ?


 We have always written the music that we like and want to hear ourselves.
We try to mix as good as we possibly can to make the sound our own but I agree with you that there is something for everyone in what we do.
It´s melodic, fast, hard, dark and beautiful all at the same time.
You just have to pick what you like best about Denied.


But that „wide screen“ music only counts for the album's first half. In the second half we find older tracks new arranged that, for my opinion, doesn't exactly fit to the wall of sound of the first songs. What was the decision to bring the old songs on the new album again ?


 Because the old songs were just demorecordings , we felt that we could do them better justice to re-record them and give them some more horsepower as well.
No they sound like they should have from the beginning.

I think we don't have to discus about the quality of Johan Fahlberg's vocals. He performs on this album as strong as on his releases with Jaded Heart. Maybe a bit more aggressive. How did it come to work together with Johan ? And would you say that he is a fully bandmember of Denied in these days besides of working with other bands?


 Our drummer Pete Dolls and Johan are childhood friends.
In October 2008 we were going to have a releaseparty back home for our second album but we were suddenly without a singer.
Peter suggested that he would give Johan a call to see if he could help us out.
Luckily for us he was avaliable since then he´s been a member 100%.
In my opinion he is one of the best in the business and i am really proud to have him in Denied.
So far we have had very few glitches in our schedules between Denied and Jaded heart and I hope that it will continue to run smoothly.


The artwork of „Let the Burn“ is a real eyecatcher. Can you tell any details about this work and the artist ?


 This is pretty interesting.
Our leadguitarist Chris Vowden said he had a friend who was apparently an art designer, so I asked him to show me some stuff that he had drawn.
It took me only one second to realise that this is the guy that we are going to work with.
Alexander Lifbom is an amazing artist, he gave us just the right artwork we wanted!





Is there a special reason to call the new album „Let them Burn“ ? Are you hating life or people, ha ha ? Or is it just cause it's sounding good....?


 It´s up to each and everyone to guess....ha ha.

First of all we wanted a title that was easy to remember and with a very direct approach.
"Let them burn" fit like a glove.


Beside Johan we also find Chris Vowden, Pete Dolls and Fredrik Isaksoon in the actual Denied line up. But it is definetely your band, Andreas. you decide about line up's, music, lyrics all by yourself or how is work shared in your band ?


 First i have to add that when there have been line-up changes in the band, there has always been a very good reason for this.
To fire someone has never been easy but also in some cases inevitable.
Now I truly hope that we have the last line-up ever.
Most of the music is written by me but the other guys are also just as important and contribute with their parts.
Chris Vowden is a great lyricist and contributes with that too.
Johan Fahlberg puts down vocalmelodies and Pete and Fredrik build the spine of the rythmsection.
We´ve never sounded better!




„Judas Kiss“ is your first single. A real smasher. Is it a kind of new signature song for Denied ? Cause, for me this song describes what Denied today is standing for. Would you agree with that ?


 Exactly, Judas kiss is one of the best songs from this band and a very good guidline for our sound.
It´s heavy metal just the way we want it to sound.

I couldn't find lots of information about upcoming gigs or even touring. Are there any plans now and maybe even for some summer festivals in 2013 ?


 I can promise you that we are finding ways to play both in Sweden and abroad.
Two festivals in Sweden are confirmed so far.
We hope to present more dates further on.


I think that some of you also have civil jobs beside Denied. How often do you come together for practice or things like songwriting ?


 So far the band does´nt bring in that much money.
The money we get from shows and merchandise are invested in future projects.
Two days a week we get together to either rehearse or plan future strategy´s.
I also have a stuido at home where I work with new material on almost a daily basis.
I can reveal that we´ve come pretty far with the next album.


You are signed to Sliptrick Records. A label that also have some more swedish bands. Good adress ? And how is the support by this label ?


 So far we are very happy working with them.
If we need help and support we´ll get it.


What's coming next with Denied ? And do you personally work in other musical projects beside Denied, too ?


 There is nothing else besides Denied for us that needs 100% dedication.
If you want to succeed in a tough business like this then you have to concentrate on one thing.
Johan is of course an exception.




Sweden is the most valuable place for rock bands in the last years. Many many goood bands appeared and are still appearing. How would you describe the scene in sweden now and where do you see Denied there now and in the future ?


 Yeah its great that so small a country like Sweden has produced so many great bands.
It´s also kind of a "coincidence" that Denied comes from the same town ( Upplands Väsby ) as Europe and Candlemass.
I think it´s beacause of the good drinkingwater we have here... ha ha!
Ofcourse im not going to compare us to such great acts as these bands but our journey has just begun and it´s gonna be but seeing how far it can take us.


Ok. We want to see you in our areas live. Why should people visit a Denied gig ?


 Our music would fit Germany perfectly which is according to me, one ofe the greatest countries to play in.
Denied always deliver a 100% show and have songs that really stand on their own!


Thanx for the interview, Andreas.



Interview by Kerbinator



Andreas Carlsson
To contact Denied for  further information.
Telephone: +46 70 759 21 30



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