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DENIED - Let them Burn



1. Judas Kiss
2. Dead Messiah
3. Garden of Stone
4. Constant Rage
5. Until the End of Time
6. Lesser Son
7. Seven Times Your Sin
8. Nothing Is Sacred
9. The Black Room
10. In Hell

Release Date: 26 January 2013 – Sliptrick Records


DENIED from sweden. The band formed by Andreas Carlsson back in 2003 delivers us their brand new album „Let them Burn“. It’s the band’s third full release as far as I know, but the first one with a label (Sliptrick Records) in their back. Beside Carlsson we can find some well known bandmembers like Jaded Heart vocalist Johan Fahlberg, Chris Vowded (ex Opeth) or Fredde Isaksson (ex Therion, Grave). Good references indeed. Together with a nice artwork all is ready for a great metal show. Here we go….

It starts with the „Judas Kiss“. Uptempo banger with great refrain. Fahlberg’s vocals fit perfect to that kind of speed/-power metal. Solid guitar work forwards the song to a melodic speedster in best tradition of bands like Firewind or Mytic Prophecy.

Yes after that Kiss of Judas the „Dead Messiah“ has to follow. The base sound is a bit darker and deeper. The song points again with the refrain. Such a sleazy touch in it. Mötley Crüe ? Not at all, but not far away from the sleaze legend’s chartbreakers. Even Skid Row in their best times come in mind. It’s rockin’ baby !!

Balladesque beginning in „Garden of Stone“. Acoustic guitars change with monumental leads into the bombastic refrain. Best Axel Rudi Pell tradition. Semi-ballad per excellence. Not only for the ladies. Great vocals, great guitars – a song made for the stadiums of the world.

As the song title promises, „Constant Rage“ speeds up again. More aggressive vocals, pushing drums. Thrashy, uptempo smasher without forgotten harmonies in the refrain. Interesting guitar sequences rounds it up.

Mystical, oriental sounds open „Until the end of time“. Heavy riffing builds the base and the vocals sound a little disharmonic to the music. The refrain doesn’t catch your ears like in the songs before. This one underlines more the epic, progressive ambitions that Denied wants to let us know. And yes…it’s working good to see the band shipping in that waters.

„Lesser Son“ is an older song renewed by the band. Still a heavy, powerful track. More shouts in the back of the refrain gives it a harder touch. Riff song on stamping ground.

Also „Seven Times your Sin“ is not a real new song. It’s a track from their first release updated into the year 2013. Speedful kickin’ ass fast forward. Except of the short guitar solo a straight song. For me a little bit too straight. One or another break would have been great for this song. Therefore the amazing screams of Fahlberg in the end idemnifies for that.

„Nothing is Sacred“….yes, I know. Again a really heavy song. It lives from the hard riffing and the shouted vocals. Before the refrain the song slows a bit and brings it nearly in doom metal fields. More space for a guitar solo here shows the quality of Carlsson a lot. Great musicians, but not the album highlight.

Another older song to follow. „The Black Room“ lives from it’s straightness. Remembers me again to 80′s US Hard Rock heroes in more heavy dress. One guitar line from the beginning to the end without any ups and downs. And inbetween the straight vocals, always performed in the same middle heights. Chorusline becomes refrain, refrain becomes chorusline. Hookline monster !!

And in the end we are now „In Hell“. The last song continues the last two songs but varies between clear and shouted vocals. Guitars playing partly in whirlwind style….partly riffs you to hell. A short break in the middle, but all in all another straight song at last.

„Let them Burn“ is a high quality metal album that combines stadium attitude, like the big 80′s hard rock legends with straight, speed songs. Til the first old song („Lesser Son“) I would have said, that there is coming the next big thing in widescreen hard rock. But with the renewing of the old songs the album is losing a bit of it’s magic. From here the band is focussed on straight songs, that are good to listen and well played, but the album’s first half for me offered more (new) quality in songwriting and sound.

So, this is definetely a good hard rock/metal album with it’s strenghts in the first half. And I think, that if Denied will bring us only new written songs on their next release, that one ill be an absolutely killer album. But this one is absolutely worth for being related with 8 points.

Keep on going your way guys !!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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