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DEPARTURE - Hitch a Ride




1. No Where To Go
2. You Don’t Need To This Anymore
3. Waiting For Rain To Come
4. Soldier Of Fortune
5. LuvSick
6. Roses
7. Travel Through Time
8. Fly 4:15
9. This Is My Time
10. Without You
11. Outside Looking In

Release Date: 20 April 2012 – Escape Music


Mike Walsh is back ! After nearly ten years multi talented Mike Walsh is starting again with his new project Departure. Again he ordered a first class vocalist for his new album „Hitch a Ride“, Andi Kravljaca of Silent Call. In this former albums there were Ken Michaels, Dave Baldwin and Timotheus Lewis…also masters of this genre.

Line Up:
Duey Ribestello Drums
Ryan Walsh Bass
Mike Walsh Gituar/ Keybords
Andi Kravljaca Vocals

All starts with „Nowhere to go“. A well done opener that points with catchy melodies and keyboard inputs. Also the two follow up’s has to be counted into the category, likeful AOR songs to shake your legs. The vocals of Andi Kravljaca fits best and can be highly remembered. He owns a big, variable voice. Also the guitar solos of Mike Walsh are totally listenable. You can hear out his multi talent.
„Soldier of Fortune“ is a brilliant rock song. Showing the knowledge of every single musician. Andi’s voice appears harder here…all is in a well line, vocals, solos, tempo changes.
„Luvsick“ is a real ladies song, ha ha. A little overloaded with sugar but for me as a girl a great song.
The perfect track for partys „Roses“ is a wonderful love song that is appearing a little harder. That’s the right sing for that.
More atmospheric song comes with „Without you“. If I listened to it, I thought I will know the song from somewhere…but I can’t remember.

„Hitch a Ride“ is a classic AOR album. Those who like Journey, Saga or Kansas cannot do anything wrong with this release. I liked the first rockin’ part of the album more than the second which is a little to silent and doesn’t really kicks your ass .
You can hear the class of the musicians for sure but the last little thing for making „Hitch a Ride“ an upper class album is missing. As I said….the rockin’ parts are the best. But they are reduced to radio orientated 3 minute songs. The second parts are a little longer. It would have been better if this parts were changed in their length.

Summary….AOR lovers will like that album and we will find that album hopefully in their CD racks. And that’s the only thing that counts.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Angel