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DESERT SIN - Destination Paradise



1. Awakening
2. Destination Paradise
3. Kill the King
4. Would You Release Me
5. Follow Me
6. In Silence
7. The Seed of Destruction
8. Creation
9. Hero
10. Circle of Twilight

Release Date: 20 January 2012 – Pure Steel Records


The band Sick U-R, founded back in 2000, changed their name into Desert Sin in the year 2008. This austrian metalheads published their debut called „The Edge of Horizon“ in 2009 that earned great response and good critics of press and fans. And now, 3 years after, they throw their second one, called „Destination Paradise“ onto the musical market.
Good rock music doesn’t have to come from scandinavian lands as also from the beautiful landscape of Kufstein.

Line up:
Vocal, Guitars – Sandro Holzer
Lead Guitar – Stefan Entner
Keyboard, Backing Vocals – Roman Fischer
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rainer Fischer
Drums – Harald Vogl

The album starts with an intro. I has to say that I am not a great fan of intros in general doesn’t matter if it is well made or not. In a concert, I think, it is a good idea to say „hello, here we are“….but this is my personal opinion of that.
But after that the song „Destination Paradise“ starts furious. The song contains a stratight rhythm that invites you to sing a long.
„Kill the King“ is a huge number, for real metalheads. It has nothing to do with the same titled Rainbow classic, but also doesn’t have to hide behind it. Awesome melody lines and breaks set a brilliant mark at last.
„Would you release me“ is another highlight of the album…I wouldn’t call it really a ballad…but it
isn’t far away that it could be one. The song also points with the breaks in between.
Another song that we have to talk about is „The Seed of Destruction“. This track proofs best what talented musicians do their work here and that the band spend much time and their bleeding hearts for realizing this album.
It is not necessary to take a view to all songs (before boring the readers, ha ha) , but it is necessary to listen to „Hero“, for me the best one of the entire album. Perfect handmade and it remembers me a little to Dream Theater.
„Circle of Twilight“ at last rounds up a really good album in catchy style.

„Destination Paradise“ is a well done second album and we know that second albums are often the most difficult ones. Vocalist Sandro Holzer owns a voice to remember that you won’t forget immediately. The band offers brilliant musicians that know their work and how to play….but what impressed me the most was that the songs are not written in the usual radio orientated 3 minutes. Desert Sin created longer tracks that offer more variety in sound and ideas. That’s how music has to be.
The album couldn’t overwhelm me in all songs….some of them sound too much like others. And that means that there is also some air free to reaching the next steps. But I am sure this guys will make it !! I think lots of music fans will like it and I hope this album will reach their cd racks.


Points: 7,5 / 10

Review by Angel

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