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VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator

Vicious Rumors were, together with Metal Church, Savatage and Armored Saint, one of the power metal figureheads since their debut „Soldiers of the Night“ back in 1986.
The highlight in the discography of the band around guitar legend Geoff Thorpe is the 1988 published „Digital Dictator“. With their new vocalist Carl Albert, who came from the band Villain the five-piece easily made it to put a perfect symbiose of power, speed and melody on this album.

Songs like „Digital Dictator“, „Minute to Kill“, „R.L.H.“ or „Out of the Shadows“ elate with accurate, powerful drums of Larry Howe, pumping bass lines of Dave Starr, razor-sharp riffs and totally brilliant solos of the duet Thorpe/McGee. On top the powerful, variable and unbelievable melodic vocals of Carl Albert, who trademarked all the songs.

The effective set backing vocals mean a great alternation, sometimes it sounds a bit like Leatherwolf, above all the stamping midtempo hymns „Towns of Fire“ and „Condemned“ or the cool arranged „Lady took a Chance“. „Worlds and Machines“ sounds with it’s galloping riffs even a bit like an US version of Iron Maiden.

But..what can I say ? „Digital Dictator“ is a damned must have for all that like real power metal and it belongs to the best albums in this genre. This counts also for the follow ups „Vicious Rumors“, „Welcome to the Ball“ and „Word of Mouth“.

The tragic history should be known meanwhile. Carl Albert died 1994 in a car accident and with the quit of co-songwriter and guitarist Mark McGee the guys around Geoff Thorpe couldn’ t reach that quality anymore.




  1. Replicant
  2. Digital Dictator
  3. Minute to Kill
  4. Towns on Fire
  5. Lady Took a Chance
  6. Worlds and Machines
  7. The Crest
  8. R.L.H.
  9. Condemned
  10. Out of the Shadows

Release Date:  09 February 1988

Label:  Roadrunner Records


Points: 9,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



You absolutely cannot miss that album when you are talking about first class power metal !!


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