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“Blasting Comeback”


EDGUY - Space Police (Defenders of the Crown)

I have to confess that I had no anticipations for the new Edguy album. Their latest releases were more as a personal fulfillment on the turn of  Tobias and if he had followers on them, then good for those guys. Consider that if we take all the albums from the German giants of power metal, none of them was or is strong enough to stay in my heart for the rest years (Blind Guradian are always THE exception).

But enough with that prologue and let’s move to the best things. The new album makes me fly from happiness, whether some call it the best in the entire Edguy career or not. Actually I don’t care if it’s the best, but I do care it can offer me so many moved moments and mainly songs that I call it one of my favorites (ok, the last thing supposes to be something that time will tell). With one description Tobias and his friends achieved to do, for me, the one unable to be done by other bands. They released a power/heavy album with the veil of casual rock spirit on it. “Heading for Tomorrow”, Sign No More”, “Hell for Sale!”, “Open the Gate and Watch”, “Savage Poetry”, remember?

What is it you want from the album? Ultimate heavy power stuff? You got it in “Sabre & Torch”, in the “step on Kai’s steps” “Defenders of the Crown” or “The Realms of Baba Yaga”. How about the recognizable melody of Edguy with keys? “Space Police” and the brilliant “Do Me Like A Caveman” (and call me crazy if you want, but the melody on the piano is the similar to the finalizing one in “Echoes” from Pink Floyd). And how about the shaking and ultimate hard rocking moment of “Love Tyger”? Pretty Boy Floyd meet KISS from the ’80s trying to keep with them the riffing of “Free Time” from Gamma Ray.



  1. Sabre & Torch
  2. Space Police
  3. Defenders of the Crown
  4. Love Tyger
  5. The Realms of Baba Yaga
  6. Rock me Amadeus
  7. Do me like a Caveman
  8. Shadow Eaters
  9. Alone in Myself
  10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Release Date:  18 April 2014

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



Yes, yes, yes… this album is ideal and honestly, I believe Tobias is heard in his best vocal lines ever! Not that the rest of the guys stay back. Also, the band doesn’t leave behind trademarks form other great albums. As an example take the last songs of the album. Choruses with strong atmosphere from “Theater of Salvation”. I enjoy it again and again and you should try it as well and remember, it’s not a pure heavy/power album nor a simple hard rock one. It’s something more and the simple music lies within it.

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