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Interview with Stelios Tsakiridis of EMERALD SUN


. Hi Stelios how are you?

 Hi guys, I´m really fine! Thank you!

. Where are Emerald Sun now?

Well, I am in Germany cause I live here and the rest of the bunch is in Thessaloniki/Greece!
. Tell me a few things about the exciting album Regeneration.
We are very proud of what we created there my friend! We love this album! Great songs, amazing performance and a fantastic sound!!! What else do you need?

. Apart from you, we can hear and a young lady singing in “Phantasmagoria” and “Holding out for a hero”. Who is she?
Her name is Mariangela and she is a close friend, a wonderful person and one of the best female voices I’ve heard in years!!! It is always a pleasure to work with talented persons, but to work with her is really a gift!
. If the band had told us during the recordings that you would have included a cover song in the album, most of us would have thought of a rock song in a power version and not of “Holding out for a hero” which came as a pleasant surprise, especially after the listening. How happened this and whose idea was it?
We all love this song! Everybody knows it and it fitted perfectly in the positive concept of the album! In “Regeneration” we mention the problems that surround us in these hard times, but we also try to motivate the listener! So a “hero” would be a good solution, to take us from the hand and lead us to real freedom! Cause if you take a close look around, you´ll realize that we´re all slaves!
. As a listener and a lover of music I enjoy very much the high level sound in metal albums and the sound of Regeneration is perfect. I want to ask you if you are going to cooperate again with Vaggelis Maranis in your next album, because apart from me there are many others who would like to hear this kind of sound. It is too difficult to find experts like him on sound.
You´re damn right man! The sound is perfect and…. YES we´re gonna do the next album with vagelis again! Give me only one reason why we shouldn´t. Vagelis is more than a producer to us. He is like the seventh member of “Emerald Sun”! It is a blessing to have a guy like him at your side! And it really IS difficult to find REAL experts on sound these days! So why in God’s name should I destroy something that works so well??? I can´t wait to hit the “Maranis Studio” again and enjoy the procedure!

. What happened with Teo Savage and Jim Tsakiridis and both left the band?
Teo decided to stop playing music in general for personal reasons! Jim did not had enough time to continue cause he´s a music teacher, a choir leader and also one of the best keyboarders in Europe! Both are still good friends and keeping in touch with the band!
. Do you have with the other members any fresh ideas; are you planning to work on a new material?
We already do!!! We never stop working on new material and there are some great songs in work at the moment!
. In the beginning of this year you made a Greek – tour, are you thinking of making a tour in Europe or in somewhere else expect Greece or to be the support act for another band, so that the people have the chance to see you on stage just like Greeks?
Yes, we are in the middle of the negotiations for some live shows in Germany and Greece for the coming autumn! So keep your fingers crossed that everything will work for us, cause we would love to play some more shows!
. A few days ago I watched a video in which Pavlos Georgiadis (the one of the guitar players) played on guitar Verano Porteno from the musician Astor Piazzolla. Do you think that it would be interesting to hear guitar parts like that in a power metal album?
Pavlos is new guy on the guitar replacing Teo. He is the perfect twin to Johnnie, our other guitar player! For sure it would be interesting to combine different music styles! Like I always use to say: There is good music and bad music! There are no good or bad styles”!

. Do you have any favorite singer in the style of Piazzolla and would you like to adopt his style of singing anytime?

 There are way too many amazing singers in all styles, but I prefer to learn from all of them! Not to adopt their style of singing. Just try to take something from each one of them!
. Stelios what is your point of view about power metal nowadays, does it still remain in mediocre levels as it was in the ‘00s or you think it is much better now?

I think it´s much better now! I mean the metal crowd was always there! Just take a look to the metal festivals all over the world! Most of them are sold out! There are indeed masses who call metal their favorite music style! It´s only the media like TV and radio that are looking from a distance to this whole happening! That´s the only thing that bothers me. Back in the 80`s it was totally different and I keep asking myself why they stopped it and what they are afraid of!

 . By the time you are a singer in a Greek metal band, do you think that the Greek metal scene has made a worthy improvement so that more and more people from other countries will show bigger interesting and of course admiration?
Everyone deserves a chance! It doesn´t matter if he comes from Greece, Malaysia or kentia! But I thing that the people in this music genre are much more open minded than in any other music style! The metalheads keep digging in the underground to find good bands…. and they DO find them! There are good bands in Greece and in many other countries, so let´s give ´em a chance!
. Is there any metal festival which you are dreaming of taking part in? I am asking you this because Emerald Sun are a young band and there will be some chances in the future.

We are working on it, believe me! There are so many fantastic metal festivals we would love to play! I can not pick just one! Like I said, cross your fingers and you never know!

 . Final question, how do you imagine the future of Emerald Sun or yours, as a musician?
I don´t waste many thoughts about what will be in the future! Important to me is the present! The only thing I can chance is right this moment and that´s where I try to focus on! But I hope that “Emerald Sun” will continue for many years playing music from the bottom of their hearts and spreading joy to the people around!

. Well Stelios, thank you a lot for this interview, I hope to see you soon again on stage, I wish the best for you and the band and the last words belong to you…

I also would like to thank you in the name of all “Emerald Sun” members and we hope to see you guys in the next shows! Listen to our new album “Regeneration” and decide if you want to support “Emerald Sun” in the future! Thank you all!

Keep your hearts beating in the rhythm of rock!!!


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