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“Rise and Fall?”


GAMMA RAY - Empire of the Undead

Kai Hansen; by far the biggest chapter in the history of the European power metal. His sound affected so many bands, that a catalog of them would full fill the page. Yet, the last years with Gamma Ray seems to follow a certain way of writing, without the clue of surprise that used to be in the first days. Ah, those days. Actually, we cannot ask have an album like the first 4. Seasons have changed, his love for Judas Priest is his “wife” in the albums and thus things go on.

“Empire of the Undead” is not something different, it’s not the album which can be regarded as the album of the year or if it’s the best Gamma Ray album after “Powerplant”. For the fans of the band it’s quite good and especially if you focus on the songs that have a smell from the first days. “Born to Fly”, “Demonseed”, “I Will Return” and the Queen – ballad “Time for Deliverance”. This ballad, for me, is one of the best songs in the album and in the career of Rays. Those songs are catchy, are like they have come out of “Sign No More”. Yet, they have a little bit from the recent sound of the band.

On the other side, the rest album moves into known waters without many changes. “Avalon” (with its galloping rhythm sections) and “Empire of the Undead” try to be winners, but they are good for some moments. In the others songs nothing new, nothing so pleasant can be found. I wonder why should there is “Master of Confusion” or the confused “Pale Rider”… Tough Accept – riffing, but really lukewarm chorus.

The best thing in the album is the awesome voice of Kai. It seems that as he grows he’s getting better in this, while his composing ability stands still. I’m not waiting anymore something erupting from the Rays, they have offered us many many great moments. Now, you choose for the album. (I hope with Unisonic, Kai’s rocking – power ideas will be more fresh)



  1. Avalon
  2. Hellbent
  3. Pale Rider
  4. Born to Fly
  5. Master of Confusion
  6. Empire of the Undead
  7. Time for Deliverance
  8. Demonseed
  9. Seven
  10. I Will Return

Relase Date:  28 March 214

Label:  earMusic

Points:  7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood