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ETERNAL FLIGHT - Diminished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries



1. Introduction to D.r.e.a.m.s.
2. Released the Unreal
3. Firedancer
4. Fantasea
5. Freedom Is My Race
6. Nightmare King
7. Black Sun
8. The Meeting
9. The Tower
10. Goodbye
11. Night People (Dio Cover)


Release Date: 04 November 2011 – YesterRock


Latest album of french prog/power metallers Eternal Flight. This third one is called „‘Dimished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries (d.r.e.a.m.s.)“ and should be, if we can trust the band’s info, their most variable album so far. Founded back in 2001 by vocalist Gerard Fois, who played in the band Dream Child before, Eternal Flight was standing for finest prog metal in the line of Symphony X, Nevermore and similar. Is this the next step to climb the progressive throne ?

After a one minute Intro „Release the Unreal“ starts as a highly powerful smasher. Complex sounds and vocals sometimes dark, sometimes high let it feel like Judas Priest going progressive. The knowledge of the musicians is present from the first second . Hard power metal track with progressive elements.

Piano/keys together with guitar riffs open „Firedancer“. Based on dark grounds the song is more held in midtempo. Gerard Fois performs partly with old school metal vocals, partly with really high screams. Lots of harmonies in the refrain and some guitar solos before the song quietly fades out.

Kansas comes in mind as „Fantasea“ starts. Mighty drums build the main wall of this pure prog metal track. Mystic sounds everywhere. Sometimes playful, sometimes combined with hard riffs.
Interrupted by a spoken word part, mysterious and fearful. A song that will not disappoint any prog metal fan. This one has all a song of this style needs. Great arrangements, variable vocals, lots of breaks. Big one !!

More speedful again we find „Freedom is our race“. Double bass drums, galopping riffs, some keys in the back. Remembers a little to straighter Symphony X tracks. Not bad but a bit suitable.

Acoustical guitars open „Nightmare King“. Hard riffing to follow. Like Nevermore at it’s best.
Also the vocals remembers a lot to Warrel Dane. Great guitar work of Julien Bouvier and Chris Gojon. Complex structures, twin vocals, punching drums….this one owns all a Nevermore song needs. Faster parts change with slower ones. Progressive metal in perfection. Powerful and intelligent. Great song !!

„Black Sun“ shines with acoustic guitars and balladesque vocals. Dreamful and mysterious. Big melodies, big feelings. This one could stand also on newer Marillion albums.

…and the acoustic guitar continues first on „The Meeting“. But it seems we are heading to the east.
Oriental sounds up now…before the song becomes another harder played progmetal song. For me a little boring in the vocal lines but with great music arrangements. Like I said…a bit oriental orientated. Breaks, slower parts, riffings, slower parts, riffings, breaks….this song is challenging you. Not very easy to listen. Paradise for prog metal gourmets.

Back on the harder streets with „The Tower“. Fast and hard song with background keys. More a power metal smasher again. Straight forward with higher vocals. Great guitar duel rounds up a dynamic song nearly without breaks. Good contrast to the song before.

Not the last song, but it is called „Goodbye“. Starts as a ballad with extreme slow vocals and piano.
After three minutes string players appear and the song moves to another prog metal epic. Remembers me a bit to Eternity X (does anyone still knows this band?). Melodic, full of harmonies. Also Shadow Gallery can be named as a big influence here. Wonderful guitar lines, monumental arrangements. This song shows perfect what excellent musicians are at work. The song fades out in elegian way with piano and guitars. What a great song !!

„Night People“ kicks you out of this album. One of the hardest songs at last. Some kind of Priest’s Jawbreaker. But it is a Dio cover. Pumping bass, power drums and really heavy guitars hit your face in a strong way. The ideal punch to throw you out of this album.

Eternal Flight show with their third album again how it works to combine complex progmetal epics in the line of Nevermore, Symphony X or Dream Theater with power heavy songs in the tradition of Judas Priest, Sabbath or even Iron Maiden.

There is no reason to discus about the qualities of the musicians. Lots of experience and knowledge is showing up. Gerard Fois voice can stand in the line of heroes like Warrel Dane, Russel Allen or Rob Halford without problems.

Sure…the wheel is not be explored new, but cause of the great song arrangements and the mix of longer prog metal epics and shorter power metal smashers there is no reason to classify this album in higher ranks. A must have for fans of the above named bands and all who like intelligent hard played music.


Points: 8,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator