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Latest Line Up:



  • Zodiac  (1993)
  • Mind Games (1995)
  • The Edge (1997)
  • Keith Sudano (vocals)
  • Jeff Shernov (guitars)
  • Robert Maziekien (bass)
  • Jamie Mazur (keyboards)
  • Jimmy Peruta (drums)

Formed:  1985

Country:  USA





The Edge




Powerful speed Prog Metal band. Musicians bring their technical skills to extremes, and classical influences are present. Sometimes the music shifts to quieter moods giving a certain balance to it. Vocals are very powerful too. For those who like speed Prog Metal, this is a must. ETERNITY X are very original, you can't compare them to any other band, but I think, fans of DREAM THEATER or SHADOW GALLERY will love their CDs.

"The Edge" is a great progressive metal album. This is surely one of the most amazing, special and dramatic albums ever. The music is very emotional and ambitious, but never too technical, fans of melodic metal and power metal could like it as well. The concept is huge and beautifully realized. A true masterpiece.