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SAHARA RAIN - Eternity



1. Heavy Times
2. Forever Young
3. Will I Ever Be
4. Miss You
5. Holy Warrior
6. Love Me Loud
7. Shout It Out
8. Dreams Die Young
9. Starlight
10. Live Earth
11. Since You’ve Been Gone

Release Date: 2011 – Self Released


„Eternity“ is the second album of th swiss rock band Sahara Rain. And it is every time hard for an artist or band to publish the second output. Cause you always stay in the focus of the first album…if the new one is better or not. That means that „Eternity“ has to be as good asthe former „Sands in your Hands“ or even better. And…what can I say…the band made it !!

Sahara Rain who was formed back in 2007 now appear with the following line up:

Domenico Ricci – Vocals
Dave Silhanek – Guitars
Adrian Honegger – Guitars
Bo Rebsamen – Keyboards
Boet de Haas – Bass
Levent Sunu – Drums

„Heavy Times“ is a real keyboard orientated song. Sometimes it remembers to Dream Theater, but in the end the last kick is missing as to remain as a firt class opener. The song „Forever young“ is much better, really catchy…a wonderful melodic one.
On „Will I Be“ my feet automatically are whipping in line…doesn’t matter if I want to or not.
It is not possible to describe every song in details, cause we don’t want to be bored.

The rocking tracks are brilliant arranged. My recommendations are „Shout it Out“ with it’s great arrangements and especially „Starlight“….a killer track !!
This song will work good live on stage for sure and will let the concert area heat up.
On „Eternity“ we can find three ballads. For me the best one of those is „Dreams Die Young“…if I am allowed to say that.
If I read the songtitle „Since you’ve been gone“ first…how wonders…I thought there is coming a Rainbow cover up. But this is not the goal. This one is a beautiful, silent track. A perfect kickout on this album…cause with this song „Eternity“ ends.

This album was produced once again by Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart)..and he did a great work as we almost know it from him. The album is hard rock on higher spheres. If you are in Bonfire or Gotthard you sure will also love this album.
Also I think that live on stage the new songs will even sound better, when Domenico Ricci can perform with his voice as it’s best.

Summary I can say that „Eternity“ is a good follow up to „Sands in your Hands“…and we can have to keep Sahara Rain in our minds and see what follows next. Great work !!


Points: 7,5 / 10

Review by Angel


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