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THRESHOLD - Extinct Instinct (definite Edition)



1. Exposed
2. Somatography
3. Eat the Unicorn
4. Forever
5. Virtual Isolation
6. The Whispering
7. Lake of Despond
8. Clear
9. Life Flow
10. Part of the Chaos
Bonus Tracks:
1. Segue
2. Mansion
3. Virtual Isolation (radio edit)
4. Smile at the moon

Released: 2012 – Nuclear Blast


…and it is going on with the release series, that Nuclear Blast is using beside the overwhelwing impulse of the fantastic new milestone “March of Progress” and so the label is bringing the older albums of the british progsters out of immersion.

Every Threshold fan will have this albums for sure…but for people who started with “March of Progress” this is a good idea.
And again there were changes in the line up.  Damian Wilso, who sang on also on the debut “Wounded Land”, was back.  And with him also the more dynamic music style like on the first album. That time Mark Heaney took place on the drums.

“Extinct Instinct” continues seamlessly where “Wounded Land” ended, caused not at least by Damian’s extraordinary voice. I for myself love his vocals and I think that it is even better live on stage. The variety of his voice is unique and can be highly remembered. But this shouldn’t derogate Glyn Morgan’s voice indeed.

Threshold developed their music. They were on high level on the first two albums too but here they increased it again. High complex music, never stealing your nerves, assuring everyone with big melodies. Not music for passing by…you have to spend some time to enjoy it. Best on your couch at home with a glass of red wine.

It’s a wonderful album where everyone can find his special parts. Tastes are different and so it not necessary to review every single song.
Every progressive rock fan will love songs like “Extinct Instinct”, “Virtual Isolation” or especially “Eat the Unicorn”.  They assure with variety and tempo changes that are nearly unbelievable….that’s like rock music has to be.  Also the ballads “Forever” and “Clear” are great songs that you will find nowhere else.

Nuclear Blast addes four bonus tracks on this edition. That are “Segue”, “Mansion” ( a japanese bonus), “Virtual Isolation” (as radio edit) and at last “Smile at the Moon”.

Those who liked the first albums will also enjoy this one.


Points:  9,5 / 10

Review by Angel




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