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HYPERSONIC - Fallen Melodies



1. The Last Apocalypse
2. My Spirit Free
3. Rebirth
4. Winter Melodies
5. Wheels of Fire
6. A Lovely Creature
7. A Beautiful Dream
8. Heaven
9. Atlantis Treasure
10. Diamond Hope

Release Date: 31 January 2011 – Underground Symphony


Hypersonic is a female fronted power metal band from italy formed in 2006. So for that „Fallen Melodies“ is their first full length output released by Underground Symphony.
Can we expect here anything new ? Didn’t we hear lot about female fronted bands in that style in the past ? Maybe….but I am a person that likes to getting surprised if you think that won’t happen.

We are getting into this album with a symphonic, mystical part. „The Last Apocalypse“ sounds like a soundtrack of some endtime films and raises your expectations of what is coming next.

As well „My Spirit Free“ starts with fast played keyboards. We find here duets between the male vocal part named Salvatore Grasso who also do the drums and Alessia Rapisarda. As the song title says this track spreads a positive spirit. Keyboards and guitars share their parts, always in a speedful way. This song is nice to hear, don’t aches you, sometimes for me the vocals are too high and the keyboards sound like some 80′s pop bands. But in summary not a bad song.

„Rebirth“ starts with Alessia and piano. Means, like elves whispering. But moving over at once into another uptempo part, with keyboards and curious sound samples in the back. In the refrain really melodic, but Emanuele Gengami always tries to lean the song a harder touch with his guitar play. Triggered drums partly do the rest to let the song take speed. Also we can find a first guitar solo here. The arrangements are good and this track owns more excitement as the opener. Good song !

Thunder in the beginning. „Winter Melodies“ starts with a high scream and continues with shared vocal parts betwenn Salvatore and Alessia. The base is not slower than before. Cool guitar hookline and some synthies in the back transporting the sound of winter. Does this sound like winter ? No…I don’t think so. If I here winter I think of freezing, snow and cold sounds. But the sounds in this song are warm and sometimes hot. Maybe the wrong songtitle for that music, anyway…another speedster with a Stratovarius like refrain.

„Wheels of Fire“ opens with a great Hookline. More midtempo this time. Alessia performs in a balladesque line. The backing keys makes it again a little mystique. The vocal lines proof the harmonies the band can do. Also the refrain can keep this standard. Melodic guitar solo to round it up. This song is a solid melodic with a straight line to follow til the end. Easy arranged but nice to hear.

What is „A lovely Creature“ ? My dog ? Keyboard intro. The guitars and drums makes it again more speedful. A choir part like we know it from Nightwish appears. This is italian style, like we know it from many bands of that sector. Lot of people like it, lot of people hate it. For those who like it this song has all that it must have to. Keyboards are present here all the time. The riffing is easy but comes to the point. Sometimes the song slows down to keep a semi-ballad touch but only to speed up again. This song don’t hurt you but it is not innovating. Solid work, not more…not less.

„A Beautiful Dream“ next. As the song title says…this could be a ballad. And so the song starts with piano and Alessia’s elegian vocals. With the electric guitars that are coming up the song moves to a rocking ballad. Typical for bands like Pretty Maids and other melodic acts. The guitar solo in between is well played. All in all a good ballad, maybe a little to cheesy.

The beginning part of „Heaven“ is borrowed from germany’s Angel Dust Only the sound of the keys is different. The song itself is another fast song. The keyboard theme appears during the hole song in the background. Sometimes the instruments play as a cacophony of several sounds. Guitars together with keys and drums. Twin vocals rule the scene. A melodic smasher with progressive vibes.

We are now heading to the ocean. The waves are present at „Atlantis Treasure“. Piano and Alessia again to open it. The guitar riff breaks it. Wondering if I heard this guitar theme before. I think so, but for now I don’t know where. Slower song and the bass is more in front than before. The harmonies are not missing but the refrain isn’t that catchy than in other songs of this album. Solo vocals and duets building the main base. Together in the refrain, shared between. One or more breaks would have been good in this song. For me it is a little too straight. But anyway…not bad.

„Diamond Hope“ kicks us out. Piano and some whispers move over to keys and bass before the guitars set in. Midtempo parts and another well present bass build the main stage of this song. Changing between the vocal elements Hypersonic use. Solo, duet, high spheres…and a scream of Alessia to bring it to the guitar/keys solo in the middle. In the end we find some single growl in the back of the vocal lines. Nice element, would like to hear more of those ideas.

Well, „Fallen Melodies“ is a good album for fans of power metal italian style. The arrangements and the production is ok, and if your favourites lie in bands like Labyrinth, Stratovarius or similar you cannot do anything wrong giving that album a listen.

What I am missing, and for that I only can give it 6 points, is the missing originality. Many parts seem to be heard before. A positive element that Alessia is not performing like that many opera styled vocalists we find in many bands. She has a clear voice but performs more in rockin’ spheres.

Ok. We are talking here about a debut of a band, that knows how to play that kind of music and I think there is a lot air left for more in the future. If the band can make it to involve more own style in their sound the level will raise and the band will earn higher results in reviews and the attention in the music business for sure.

Good album with a little missed originality.


Points: 6 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



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