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It's always nice, enjoyable and pleasant to discuss with guys from your next door. They are simple guys, they ask nothing and they just give to everyone and especially to themselves all their love for music. This is what they like and doing it reality. Thrashy riffs and words from Fatal Mutiny. Are you thrashed and dangerous?


Welcome aboard guys and firstly introduce us your vision called Fatal Mutiny.

Hello. Thank you for having us. Fatal Mutiny is actually just four simple guys started in the beginning of 2011 just wanting to do what they like to hear, but make it in their own way. Our debut album was recently released and we hope that it will receive great feedback and we’ll have the chance to play as many lives as we can and in different cities and countries.

It’s not been a long time since the release of your debut. Feelings that your goal has been achieved? And what about the feedback? 

Well, our goal was to express what and how we musically felt by the time we were writing the songs. And we are very happy with the result. To this day we haven’t got bored with hearing our own songs. Of course, things are now different and probably the new songs will have a different approach. It’s still too early to talk about the feedback but all the reviews are good so far. Let’s hope that the fans will also love it 

It’s observed that the last 5-6 years young musicians in Greece has set the thrash stage on fire and despite the fact the most of them follow the classic vibe Slayer meet Kreator meet Sodom etc, you chose to be more technical and let’s say be on the steps of Switzerland. Was it programmed to be technical? 

Nope. Nothing in the band actually was meant to be or was programmed. We actually begun the band just to fill our time and play some cover songs. Our first song just came naturally during a rehearsal. The same goes for almost anything we do. We don’t want to pressure things towards a specific musical area. And we are willing to blend many musical styles in our songs. That comes from the fact that each one of us likes different styles of music. Of course the common denominator is the thrash metal and that will always be the basic ingredient but everything else is also allowed. And about the more technical stuff in our record the reason is like we said. We just liked it when we heard it so we kept it. We like technical stuff but we don't bash other simpler stuff. We really just want to make something unique something truly ours  


Let’s talk about the lyrics. As I try to understand they have to do with human and his tired or painful soul from everything around. Or, at least, all those social standards that make him reach his limits and sometimes following a step of no exit. Am I right? 

You are almost right. Some songs talk about that (“Existence In Extinction”, “Lament Of The Soul”, “Hostile Vortex”) but we have songs like “Ligeia” that inspired from an Edgar Allan Poe’s story talking about a woman who managed to beat death, some more clearly social stuff and a song talking about how priests bring scripts where they want to make more profit (“Figure Of God”). And of course there also is a song about the whole thrash metal idea and mosh pits –wouldn’t do thrash without all this energy- and that song is “Damage Decontrolled”. We don’t want to write about one and only thing because we have many things in our minds. We don’t sleep and wake up with political and social books and we don’t party twenty four seven. We try to make lyrics the way we are and think. Moreover we would like others to identify themselves with our lyrics the same way we do with other bands. This is a nice feeling!

Regarding the facts that take place not only in Greece, but also in the rest world, do you think that we should keep blaming the goverments for the human extinction? And I mean the absence of a sensitive behavior… 

No. And the main reason is that people have the government they deserve. With obvious exceptions the dictatorships. It is mostly a social problem with its roots being deep in most people’s philosophy. They don’t care about politics unless they have a profit. And they think that political ideas can only be expressed through the voting process. Of course, governments and the politicians are insensitive and only look their own profit but someone shall put them in their position….

Back to thrash now. The production is really really good and for me is one of the best in a tech-thrash album. From one side this kinda modern sound on riffs and rhythm section and from the other side this backing sound of solos that give a sense from the past, from “compat” productions. How did you manage this? 

This is the result of us being young, naïve and wanting things to be done our own way. Go ask our producer David Prudent in Made In Hell Studios. We literally broke his balls!! He was also very patient with us and put a lot of time and effort to give to the songs the sound they needed. He is really a very clever sound engineer and a great guy, we love that French asshole!  


For a thrash band you have a flash sense of melody. Hearing for example the solos of “Existence in Extinction” or “Ligeia”, without difficulties someone can be captured by that. Do you think that no matter how fast or sharp can be a band, if there are ideas for melodies should be involved? 

First of all thank you for your kind words. And of course we don’t think that melodies should be condemned in front of a fast paced song or a heavy riff. There are many ways to combine all these stuff in one compact result. And not only in leads and solos, but also in the rhythm section.

Some descriptions for “Ligeia”?

Well, we told you about the lyrics of the song. Musically, it is the most heavy- dark thrash oriented song in our record and the longest we have so far. Pretty much it has an almost standard structure with some technical stuff going on and a pretty interesting interlude between the two solos. We wanted the people to feel like the story continues when you hear the solo section (which is 3 minutes), but you don’t hear lyrics just the music talking to you. We know it’s hard to achieve that but we hope we approached the feeling a bit. As for the duration the truth is we didn’t want to sacrifice the flow that it had just to make a compatibly thrash metal song. 

Let’s go now to your future plans. One album means none album (haha we want more…). I have noticed that you are a band grabing chances to be on stage at any time. Any personal tour? New ideas for a distant material? 

Well we like sharing the stage with friends and the live shows really charge our batteries like anything else. And we like meeting new bands and getting to know new guys. In addition to that it is fun and difficult in a different way to perform in occupied, social places because we can show the punk attitude that thrash metal has in it. Of course we would love to play with legendary bands. And last playing a gig out in the open is an experience that cannot be replaced. No personal tour so far, but we want to play in any city we can. As for new material, there is something going on but it is too early to talk about it. We are really excited though. 

As we are talking for live shows, share with us your experience from your supporting performance in the live of Sodom. 

It was a fucking blast. We’ve always loved Thessaloniki and the fact that we played the same day with Sodom was amazing. Many people showed to support the show and we had a great time.



How difficult, hard, call it as you prefer is it for band like you to live somehow in the middle of Greece? Is it easy for you to support your name and go out there to reveal your music? 

It is hard to tell you the truth. Not many big shows take place here in Ioannina and we have to chase every chance in the two big cities Athens and Thessaloniki. And that’s a bit hard because we don’t have many associates or people to inform us about live shows there. And there is also the economical reason in the middle. But we try the best we can.  

And now the final sign of evil, the end of our pleasant discussion. Thank you very much for your time, I wish you the best for you guys and the band and close the lines as you want… 

Thank you for your time and support. We hope to see you all in person one day and have many beer-drinking nights passing slooooooowwwww….hahahahaha.

Thrash ‘till Death.



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