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FATAL MUTINY - Existence in Extinction

Among cold mountains and next to a beautiful lake, four guys from Ioannina (Greece) introduce us through their debut “Existence in Extinction” a technocratic thrash that personally I have ached for it. It is usual for debut thrash albums showing their affects; actually something between Kreator and Slayer. But, these guys trying to play their songs manage to say “This is who we are” and you can name thrash giants on small parts of the songs.

Yet, this awesome production must be mentioned and more than that this sound on shellfired drums which are totally close to the drumming sound of “Coma of Souls” and the last two Overkill albums; killing stuff from every side and Duke is as maniac as technical. Tight riffing in every song, sometimes just thrashy and fast following the German School and other times touches the Switzerland limits of technicality. And here makes more sense what I am talking about: “Bloodlust”, “Existence in Extinction” and “Lament of the Soul” are the 3 on 3 songs of the album in which you are hearing preludes and solos and you want to be one with them. So attractive things and the miracle just came as an offspring from Coroner.

And prepare yourselves for “Ligeia” which on the contrary to the other songs may not be that technical, but the whole work in 8 minutes and especially the unstoppable solo can grab you and set you down on the floor hearing carefully and staring emptiness. So, my dear girls and boyz listen directly to the closing of the Vektor – thrashing attack “Hostile Vortex”. Do you feel it? It’s nothing over yet, the first step is done; to be continued…

This is what I needed and the lovers of tech/thrash keep your eyes on them. The continuity will be sharper!



  1. Bloodlust
  2. Abandon All Hope
  3. Existence in Extinction
  4. Damage Decontrolled
  5. Figure of God
  6. Lament of the Soul
  7. Closing In...Time is Gone
  8. Ligeia
  9. Hostile Vortex

Release Date:  07 March 2014

Label:  Secret Port Records / Athens Thrash Attack

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood





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