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FIREWIND - Few Against Many



1. Wall of Sound
2. Losing My Mind
3. Few Against Many
4. The Undying Fire
5. Another Dimension
6. Glorious
7. Edge of a Dream
8. Destiny
9. Long Gone Tomorrow
10. No Heroes, No Sinners

Release Date: 22 May 2012 – Century Media


“Feel free to be unique”

What could be the meaning of the tile “Few Against Many”? I guess many of us could use this title for our personal situations, when we do things that show we are different, we follow another direction than many do. This title fits perfectly Firewind, because beyond the fact that there are people who regard them as a power metal band, they are not and they try every time to synthsize songs that make them unique against the belief of the many.

Firewind belong to a category in which the musicians want to write songs even if they are not of the same style. Diversity is the main characteristic in the sound of the band, from one side there is the tough and yet melodic “The Undying Fire” and from the other side the explosive style of “Destiny”.

All the above can easily lead to the thought that we have to do with an “Allegiance” part II. But not, something like this is not happening in here. Yes, “Few Against Many” has the main tactic of different songs just like in “Allegiance”, but as an album is more evolving and powerfull. It is based mainly on guitars, you can hear so many riffs come from everywhere. Gus G created more technical riffs, have a taste of “Few Against Many”, “Another Dimension” (high level technique) and “No Heroes No Sinners”. You can also realize that keyboards are missing in the biggest part of the album, but this works for the band and not against them. Apollo is he who really is and despite the fact that he has done much better interpretations in other albums, he does not have any weakness and so everything is under control.

I must admit that the song “Edge of Dream” did not offer me any special moment, actually it is indifferent for me, but no matter what I say, it is a big honour for Firewind to have in this song as guests Apocalyptica. I forget easilly that song when it is time for “Glorius” and I can say this is a glorius song which unwittingly praises Whitesnke. Why this? Whitesnake at their best age in the ’70s used to write songs dynamites like this one. Everything can stir you up, its basic riff, its chorus, its solo. Brilliant power!

What Firewind did in the first three albums of their career in here is sounds much better. The experience of the band and the evolved creativity of their mastermind Gus G prove my previous words. I can not think if this album is the best they have ever done or the favorite one of all the fans. This is something you should think of. It is not an easy album to find it out, but you will not be disappointed. Now I can return to its inner strength.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood