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SCORPIONS - Fly to the Rainbow

It’s hard to find an album from the decade of the ’70s that has no strength, no inspiration, no fantasy. You can only find diamonds that are meant to stay untouchable through the rust of the years. Legendary albums, make our days happier. “Fly to the Rainbow” of course; cannot be an exception. I regard it as more than a usual album. It’s not as hard as “In Trance”, but its mythical moments through the songs cannot be compared with the next albums of the band.

Despite the fact that the sixth member of the band Dieter Dierks wasn’t there yet; the production of the album is remarkable and everything sounds so perfectly that I believe many bands of our days should be learnt by it. Five musicians away from the days of glory, with not much money in their pockets wrote and played some songs that none of them can leave your mind. Above I wrote five musicians, but there is a secret in the writing of three songs. Michael Schenker may had left the band for UFO, but his contribution is and not was still alive. The melodic lines of “Fly People Fly” and “Far Away” prove that he was there, helping the rest of the band finishing what they had started. Yet, the magnum opus of the album is “Fly to the Rainbow” where Michael together with Uli Roth did some of the, let’s say, hardest melodic things in the history of the hard sound.

The alternations and the ending of that song has affected many musicians till today. One of them is Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth. Just check the album “Damnation” very carefully and you will see what I mean. In the songs where Michael was not there, his brother Rudolf created some ideas which had been perfect by the playing of Uli Roth. His Jimi Hendrix style was quite obvious, but wonderful as it fits the music of the band. In “Drifting Sun” apart from lending his voice, he was also ready to smash his guitar by the much wah – wah during that thrilled solo in the end.




  1. Speedy's Coming
  2. They Need a Million
  3. Drifting Sun
  4. Fly People Fly
  5. This is my Song
  6. Far Away
  7. Fly to the Rainbow

Release Date:  1974

Label:  RCA


Points: 10  /10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



The magic of this album is not only its music, but also it’s that characteristic voice of Klaus Meine and the lyrics. They are so innocent, so mythical and so contemporary to our days, that their meaning is more clear than ever. Immortal record!

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