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FREEDOMS REIGN - Freedoms Reign

This CD was almost 30 years in the making. Let me clarify...

The original guitar member and founder of Fates Warning, Victor Arduini, virtually disappeared after FW's second album in 1985. He didn't do any solo work or join another band, he just went into hibernation...until 2013. On Freedom Reign's new self-titled CD, Victor plays guitar and is the lead vocalist. And what a job he does!

On some reviews, I break down each song because they can be taken individually. With this CD, it is simply to cohesive, with way too much to offer to be broken up. This album simply wants to make you turn down the lights, bust your blacklight out of the closet and sit on your bed and look at the album's artwork. 

Victor and company take on a trip through time in heavy metal, spending a lot of time paying homage to the masters of 70's metal, such as Black Sabbath, but also paying respect to the 80's and 90's by incorporating influences and elements by bands such as Ozzy, Dio, Kyuss and Alice in Chains. And, even bringing a little Steve Cone (check out the "Crazy Ei8ths" CD) and Rob Zombie.

Having said all that, I want to be clear that the tracks are not simple re-hashes of the aforementioned bands, but only influences. The vocals are are superb, being everything from harmonizing to downright spooky when they need to be. The songs are well-written, and every note from all the musician's are masterfully played.

I don't do it often, but this album gets a stunning...


  1. Ritual
  2. Shadows of Doubt
  3. Brother
  4. Believe
  5. Up from Down
  6. To Be
  7. No Excuses
  8. Long Way
  9. Looking Around

Release Date:  10 May 2013

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Points:  10 / 10

Review by Scott Bivins





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