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FURYON - Gravitas



1. Disappear Again 03:47
2. Stand Like Stone 03:47
3. Souvenirs 08:02
4. Don’t Follow 03:28
5. New Way of Living 06:19
6. Voodoo Me 03:39
7. Fear Alone 07:38
8. Wasted on You 05:48
9. Our Peace Someday 04:33
10. Desert Suicide 08:15

Release Date: 2012 – Frontiers Records / Rock’n Growl


Attention, the English come !! Furyon is a rockband from Brighton and they are told the band of the decade. Ok…we don’t want to push too hard now…the decade is still going a long time and who knows what else will happen next. But this band is sensationally good !.
They have already played in the legendary Concorde 2, which is apart from that a venue for top-class bands. That proofs the bands ability. Furyon play a mix of heavy metal, prog and classic rock…and this on very high level.

The album was produced by Rick Beato who also worked with bands like Shinedown or Fozzy before.

Line up:
Matt Mitchell – Vocals
Chris Green – Guitars
Pat Heath – Guitars
Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass
Lee Farmery – Drums

The first song „Disappear again“ directly catches your ears. A great song for a start and makes curious of what comes next. Matt Mitchell can be told as a brilliant shouter….hell yeah!. A voice that will not be forgotten soon and that shows that he is a real master of vocal works.
„Stand like stone“ follows with fantastic guitar riffs and changes in tempo that are sweeping.
A classic prog rock song we can find with „Souvenirs“, where you can hear out Dream Theater, but Furyon doesn’t have to hide behind that masters of progressive music. Smasher ! You have to shake your bones…if you want to or not.

And so it goes on…every song owns unbelievable quality, what else can I write. „New way of living“ is a very melodic song and in the first moments you think this will be a ballad…but it is none. I liked that much and maybe you can tell it the ladies song, ha ha.
Chris Green and Pat Heath are first class guitar players that blow other through the walls. Never heard something good like that for a long time.
Stuff for headbangers, „Voodoo me“ is the right song to let your hairs fly.
The song „Fear alone“ instead remembers a little to Led Zeppelin or Arjen Lucassen. Not easy where to begin and where to end.

Furyon created a furious album…a must have for real rockmusic lovers ! It fascinates from the first second. Every musician knows how to play his instrument effective. This album contain much of passion and hearts.
The question is: Why is this band that good and nobody knows them ?

Everyone who likes rock music, progressiv music and the masters of the old times will love that album. can hear the influences of Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and others but this is the mixture that works. And we can count Matt Mitchell to the best rock voices today. This alone is worth listening. The album made it to my players and is in rotation all day all night.
Special things that I appreciate is, that the songs doesn’t have the usual radio lenghts…good music takes it’s time.

Album highlights:
Disappear Again
Fear Alone

….in the main all song. Also the both acoustic versions of „Souvenirs“ and „Voodoo me“ are much listenable.
I have to wish the band all the luck they need to reach the throne of rock…cause that’s the place they belong to. I am curious about live gigs and hopefully they find their way over to germany.


Points: 9,5 / 10

Review by Angel