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PRETTY MAIDS - Future World



1. Future World 05:22
2. We Came to Rock 04:29
3. Love Games 04:13
4. Yellow Rain 05:29
5. Loud ‘n’ Proud 03:52
6. Rodeo 04:14
7. Needles in the Dark 05:05
8. Eye of the Storm 04:56
9. Long Way to Go 03:26

Release Date: 1987 – CBS Records


The danish band Pretty Maids around vocalist Ronnie Atkins and guitar player Ken Hammer is active since 1981. But in spite of many albums and uncountable live activities like for example with Alice Cooper or Monsters of Rock festival they didn’t reach the big commercial success.
In europe it was going good over years, but in the states there was never a big interest in this band.

So much better with this that the band didn’t let ‘em misleaded and are doing anymore their part in the music world.
Pretty Maids have a massive discography, but I think their output „Future World“ from 1987 is their best one. Alone the title track is it worth to buy that album. Cause you cannot play a better combination of hardness and melodies.
At that time the band was signed by the major CBS (now Sony) and they were on the step to reach the top.

Eddie Kramer, an expert on works, was producing. Amongst other things he worked as sound engineer for people like Jimi Hendrix, Kiss or Led Zeppelin.

You can discus about the band’s complete styling at that time, but for now we don’t wanna do that.
It was surely owed for the spirit of that time. But therefore, like said before, the music sounds much better, than the band is looking like on photographs. The band abstained from ghost writers. That was not normal in that times cause the american major labels often told european bands to use one.

And so it sounds for nine times more than conclusive on „Future World“. Especially the tracks „Yellow Rain“ and „Needles in the Dark“ are those, beside the title track, that mostly hit your ears and stay there….


Points: 8,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator


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